Birthday Celebration 2007

25 06 2007


Nothing fancy this year.. But a gathering at Jumbo Seafood Waterfront, thanx to Deric for sharing his $50 voucher. We had a feast .. fried squid, herbal prawn, deer meat, fried scallop, black-pepper crab, chilly crab with fried buns… Yummy…


And I thought that’s it…  I should be happy… I never try to set expectation for my birthday coz I dun think I should impose anything for my friends… And plus, birthday is just a day where ur age increases -__-“,  what matters is your friends are there for u, your family are there for you … but still….

But no birthday cake this year…  And my colleague surprised me when she placed a lovely small piece of cake on my table during lunch time..  I felt so sweettt….


But no birthday song this year… I had ‘forced’ YK to sing a birthday song for me over the phone .. haha … Yes, at first he was reluctant as he claimed his voice is horrible.. But after begging him for so long, saying how pitiful I am, without a birthday song.. he gives in … finally…

But no blowing of candles this year…  I had another cake, with birthday song sang by lots of people, make wishes and blew the candle.. Thanx to Achievers’ Toastmaster’s 1st Anniversary Party


But no prezzie this year….  Not necessary, my bro asked me what i want for my bd, and I told him to save the $$   (=  And I got a lovely birthday present from someone unexpectedly… Thanx dearie..  Maybe more to come.. =D


Thank you my friends.. Thank you for everything you all have done for me..


Happy Happy Birthday!

24 06 2007

20th June 2007


Yes, 20th June is juskawaime‘s birthday wink

Thought this year is a quiet year.. yet I am blessed that I still received lots of birthday wishes, greetings and love.

Thank you to:

– Papa, Mama, Yongkie, Jun, Benny, deep-sixed, Jo, Senorita-e, Randal, Melissa, Ying2, Weiling, Qiubo, Kelly (sms with picture + voice greeting), Deric, YongJie, Huijing, JoanneMos, SallyY, Amy, Mingbin, Tina, Erven, Jennifer, Annie, Linda, ElaineK, Leo, Grace, YeeKeng (sang bd song *yeah*), Siuping(long meaningful wishes-for me to be happy to be me!), Robert, Lendar, Yisen, Yoseph, Kelvin, Donny…etc

for their calls and/or sms.

Not forgeting the wishes from my colleagues, Thank you:

– Wunna, Siew Lee, SallyC (cake+candle), Chu (e-card), Jesline, ZhiRou, Laymui, Hock Seng, AndyC…etc

And also thanks to family and friends that leave msg on Friendster for my bd:

-Vincent, Monique, Ivan, Wandy, Jackson, Patrik, YangWei, Derrick, Lilyana, Weiying, Weiyung, Keiko, VI, MinHua, AhBoon, Chia, Weicen, Ziek, Gwyneth….

Also have many wishes yesterday from Achievers’ TM friends.. Thank you..

And maybe more belated to come… widegrin


Sharing some nice wishes:

By Siuping:

Happy Birthday Cien, may you always be happy, be what you wanna be and happy being what you wanna be, and when there are ups and down, you will still be happy abt it as the ups and downs are nature of this world, and may you be even happier when this happen coz you will be a better person after it passes.

Love, ur lovely cousin (=

Great verses to share by SallyY:

In Philippians 4:12-13 (NIV), I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situations, whether well-fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want, I can do everything through HIM who gives me the strength! God bless!!


hi apa kabar???
semoga sukses selalu
semoga cepet menemukan tulang rusuknya
Tuhan berkati
jangan lupa berdoa terus, serahkan semuanya pada Tuhan, dia akan atur semua yg terbaik
tapi kamu juga perlu minta

Thank you all for your well-wishes..


《祷告》 -赞美之泉

17 06 2007

juskawaime read this from her cousin’s blog..

Praise and thanx the Lord.. 你恩典够我用


祷告 因为我渺小
祷告 因为我知道我需要
明瞭 你心意对我重要
祷告 已假装不了
祷告 因为你的爱我需要
你关怀 我走过的你都明白
有些事我只想要对你说 因你比任何人都爱我
痛苦从眼中流下 我知道你为我擦
在早晨我也要来对你说 主耶稣今天我为你活
所需要的力量你天天赐给我 你恩典够我用

双子座 – 走向成功之路

17 06 2007


双子座 – 走向成功之路


太多讯息, 难以取舍, 内心矛盾, 左右为难, 这些都是双子座的困扰。尤其在面对感情问题的时候,更是挣扎得很痛苦。

双子座若是内心被强烈的矛盾所困扰着,就会觉得自己沟通能力减退,对复杂的人际关系感到畏惧,埋怨没有进修的机会,甚至感觉不到自由等等。如果这些现象与双子座的正面能量想冲击,就会引发种种的不舒服,令你感觉身体的某些部位总是不对劲。双子座 的你这时就要多刺激脑部,不断地学习新事物,新质询, 生命力才会渐渐恢复。此外,也要多和朋友相处,开阔眼界,转移你的注意力,就会渐渐脱离困境,走向成功之路。


Sometimes having too much choices is indeed a painful in the head! So is it true that having no choice is better than lots of choice or having more choices is better than having no/less choice? Juskawaime feels that though both have their merits and flaws, having more choices are sometimes a blessing, which not many people can get/have.

But most importantly is to really know what you want. In times of trouble, Juskawaime will feel dejected ~ looking for solutions, motivations and directions. And maybe to place myself into better position in future (improve myself, my conditions, my standards…), that is why I took up Mass Communication. Learn many new things now.. busy, but happy..

By i周刊

Britain’s got talent

16 06 2007

 Britain’s got talent

Thought this is another “American’s Idol” with Simon Cowell as one of the judges, along with other two judges – Amanda and Piers.

Yet there are more to just singing in this talent show…. yes there were guys dancing (dressing like girls), old lady rapping, opera, dances, stunt-acts, comedy, also performing monkey and pig (Rupert)! o_O 

Brought laughter and smile to me.. even to Simon. He is so handsome when he flashes his white-teeth in his big smile!

MrBrown said that this six-year-old Connie brought tears to his eyes.. Yes indeed, she sang beautifully and very natural, you will love her! But most importantly I think it is the fact MrBrown, a father of three, felt connected with this angel-like girl.

Amanda also cried.. Connie is indeed very lovable, incredible and fantastic.. Angel-face she has, blue eyes .. She impressed the audiences and judges and many others like me.  juskawaime likes her too.

Connie – Somewhere over the rainbow

juskawaime also loves the performances by some like Dominic, Scott, Paul and Kit-Kat girls, beside Craig.

Craig performed a baton twirling. He took up baton twirling since 3yrs old as his grandma had a troupe. His parent were not supportive of this, thus he kept his job as a baton twirling from them. So only his grandma accompanied him to the show.. And can see how close the relationship between Craig and his grandma. I love Craig’s performance, and the song he used. The audiences, hearing those thunder applause, obviously love him.

Amanda encouraged Craig by saying “.. I was lucky that when I had a dream, my parents are 100% behind me….. And when you have a dream, nobody should stop you… absolutely nothing and nobody…. and you are fantastic”

Simon commented Craig has this “Likeability Factor” and credited his incredible performance.

See how happy and delighted his grandma behind the stage. The kinship brought tears to me.. I’m touched..

Craig – Baton Twirling

juskawaime loves beautiful relationship

You are my life

15 06 2007

Juskawaime came across this iloveyou_story between a girl and a boy.. Very sweet and romantic. And realize too.. sometimes the answer(s) you heard may not be the answer(s) that he/she wants to convey actually.. coz there is final-end-story.. Dun miss that!

Girl: Do i ever cross your mind?

Guy: No

Girl: Do you like me?

Guy: No

Girl: Do you want me?

Guy: No

Girl: Would you cry if i left?

Guy: No

Girl: Would you live for me?

Guy: No

Girl: Would you do anything for me?

Guy: No way

Girl: What would you choose, your life… or me?

Guy: My life

Girls run away and guy stops her and says “The reason why you never cross my mind is because you’re always on my mind. The reason why I don’t want you is because I need you. The reason why I won’t cry if you leave is because I would die for you. The reason why I’m not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason why I choose my life is because you are my life.


9 06 2007

What do you think of Singapore? Is it a democratic society? Does she has press freedom? What kind of roles government play in Censorship?

In class, teacher just shared on this topic. And juskawaime happened to view blinkymummy blog on this topic as well! haha .. so will share on this topic

Well the topic is also disguised as the “BRA”

Singapore’s media regulator says it will fine a local radio broadcaster for holding an “exploitative and inappropriate” contest in which female talk show guests were asked to remove their bras on-air.

Singapore has in recent years relaxed censorship regulations for some films and plays, in an effort to loosen up and market the modern and wealthy city as a media and arts center. But controls remain tight in the conservative island nation.

Read more at CNN


9 06 2007

Thought will have MassComm category to share my courses in Mass Communication Adv Dip … Will act as a revision note for me for class .. haha .. so will share:

  • Lecture notes
  • Teachers’ sharings in class
  • Mass comm topics
  • Exams, classes…etc

Iif you r not interested to read, just skip any future articles in the MassComm category.. good


9 06 2007

A variety show that shares the story of the famous chefs sharing their stories and their specialities. What special person do they want to prepare the food for, and what food are they preparing..

It always entertaining to watch cooking shows, seeing how the pretty and yummy delicacies are prepared .. Make juskawaime droolls! slurp

5th June 2007 – Tues nite –  名厨上菜 featured this handsome chef. Cannot recall his name though.. but juskawaime is quite fond of him.. hihi

Cooked for his english teacher who taught him english in the hotel class for employee, 11yrs ago.  He came from Malaysia, and was looking for job in Singapore. Managed to have a chance to work in hotel restaurant, but his english is horrigible at that time, and often encounter mistakes and errors in work as he will often misunderstand the menu or order (in English) – as he was working under the Italian restaurant in hotel. (as not able to go into chinese restaurant as no vacant)

Being fustrated by his inadequate flamed his desire to improve his English, thus he attended the English class organized by the hotel. That’s where he got to know this special teacher. He shared how his teacher had also became his source of encouragement when he was down or felt like quiting (when being scolded by boss/chef).. Prior before the English exams, to encourage him and a few other students, the teacher wrote a letter to them to encourage them and jia you them.. includes ..

…I expect nothing less than 100 marks for your english test….etc”

When he got back his English exam result, he was eager to show his teacher his perfect score – 100 marks! But only to realize that she had quitted her job.  And seems there were rumours saying she had migrated?? so the last time, he saw her was when she pass them the encouragement note..

And perhaps this sentence boosted him and ever since, he expects nothing than 10o% (perfect) for his work, or whatever he does.. which is why now he is a successful/great chef..  (See how powerful encouragement statement can be?)

This show managed to get in touch with the teacher and invited her on the show. The teacher never expect that.. after 11yrs, they met again in this show.. Teacher never know that she had  such impact on him and all these years, the note he had kept in his dictionary which he always had with him, in his locker… as his source of encouragement when he is down…

This teacher was just being her, sharing sincerely what she has to her students.. and thus this student benefited from it…

The show ended with this phrase which i found touching and encouraging and which i will use to encourage myself if i am down…


Velvet Dragon

9 06 2007

Juskawaime was invited by MyKing to Velvet Dragon last nite. It was Velvet Dragon‘s grand opening ceremony. Free flow of drinks between 9.30-10.30pm.. MyKing always many of this kind of lobang.. haha

Seems that it was the Momo club  closed down, and re-open as Velvet Dragon. I asked why, MyKing said “Marketing strategic”. MyKing, the regular patronizer of Momo, also commented the deco now (at Velvet Dragon) is more or less the same..(as in Momo) but maybe with more ‘Feng Shui’ instilled .. like mirrors (small, big, shattered..), lights/lamps, red&Golden colours.. Juskawaime had never been to Momo, so couldn’t comment on their differences

I was late, but just in time to watch the babes and hunks doing the catwalk for some contest. Wow bikinis and swimming trunks leh.. all those bodies… Waoowooo haha slurp love I did capture some shots, but it is in my hp. Currently not sure how to upload to my comp.. haha (anyone can helps me..? widegrin)

Music was great .. at least there was many enjoyable dances/songs.. perhaps it was some retro.. haha juskawaime likes retro! Stayed there till 2am.. FUN! Perhaps will go down some other time?

In conjuction with Great Singapore Sale (GSS), Velvet Dragon will have free entry before 11pm + fantastic promo price of drinks ($3-beer glass, $12-beer jugs…) for weekend (Fri, Sat) from now till end of July? Pls check and confirm with the club for their promo.. And see if we can bump into each other there?  wink


5 06 2007

Through a friend, I came across a blogger, working as a legal counsel, who shared his effective way of addressing an issue/problem. He wrote:

In the course of my work, I am often asked to provide a view on an issue and I have tried different ways of addressing such issues over the years.I have found one style particularly effective with those who rely on me for views regarding problems they are facing. I also realised it is a meaningful way of ensuring that I have thought through what I am writing, and that it sounds reasonably sound.I call this syle “REBARE”, not least because it is a way of customising the bare view in a different way!

The view is provided in the following style:
1. REcommendations / Conclusion
2. BAckground / Facts
3. REasons / Legal Basis

Read more here..


Juskawaime always want to further improve on her writing skill, thinking skill and problem-solving skill. There is something to learn here.. **REBARE**


4 06 2007

Seen this somewhere.. thought it was sweet…


It is like …

Life used to be stable, steady, no ups & downs.. ~~ BORING

But it is because of you, all these have a new meaning..

Ok.. i think I’m crapped in describing it in a romantic way.. z

Well, those who knows mandarin should understand its meaning.. that is the real focus.

Will juskawaime ever feel that way again…?