9 06 2007

What do you think of Singapore? Is it a democratic society? Does she has press freedom? What kind of roles government play in Censorship?

In class, teacher just shared on this topic. And juskawaime happened to view blinkymummy blog on this topic as well! haha .. so will share on this topic

Well the topic is also disguised as the “BRA”

Singapore’s media regulator says it will fine a local radio broadcaster for holding an “exploitative and inappropriate” contest in which female talk show guests were asked to remove their bras on-air.

Singapore has in recent years relaxed censorship regulations for some films and plays, in an effort to loosen up and market the modern and wealthy city as a media and arts center. But controls remain tight in the conservative island nation.

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9 06 2007

Thought will have MassComm category to share my courses in Mass Communication Adv Dip … Will act as a revision note for me for class .. haha .. so will share:

  • Lecture notes
  • Teachers’ sharings in class
  • Mass comm topics
  • Exams, classes…etc

Iif you r not interested to read, just skip any future articles in the MassComm category.. good


9 06 2007

A variety show that shares the story of the famous chefs sharing their stories and their specialities. What special person do they want to prepare the food for, and what food are they preparing..

It always entertaining to watch cooking shows, seeing how the pretty and yummy delicacies are prepared .. Make juskawaime droolls! slurp

5th June 2007 – Tues nite –  名厨上菜 featured this handsome chef. Cannot recall his name though.. but juskawaime is quite fond of him.. hihi

Cooked for his english teacher who taught him english in the hotel class for employee, 11yrs ago.  He came from Malaysia, and was looking for job in Singapore. Managed to have a chance to work in hotel restaurant, but his english is horrigible at that time, and often encounter mistakes and errors in work as he will often misunderstand the menu or order (in English) – as he was working under the Italian restaurant in hotel. (as not able to go into chinese restaurant as no vacant)

Being fustrated by his inadequate flamed his desire to improve his English, thus he attended the English class organized by the hotel. That’s where he got to know this special teacher. He shared how his teacher had also became his source of encouragement when he was down or felt like quiting (when being scolded by boss/chef).. Prior before the English exams, to encourage him and a few other students, the teacher wrote a letter to them to encourage them and jia you them.. includes ..

…I expect nothing less than 100 marks for your english test….etc”

When he got back his English exam result, he was eager to show his teacher his perfect score – 100 marks! But only to realize that she had quitted her job.  And seems there were rumours saying she had migrated?? so the last time, he saw her was when she pass them the encouragement note..

And perhaps this sentence boosted him and ever since, he expects nothing than 10o% (perfect) for his work, or whatever he does.. which is why now he is a successful/great chef..  (See how powerful encouragement statement can be?)

This show managed to get in touch with the teacher and invited her on the show. The teacher never expect that.. after 11yrs, they met again in this show.. Teacher never know that she had  such impact on him and all these years, the note he had kept in his dictionary which he always had with him, in his locker… as his source of encouragement when he is down…

This teacher was just being her, sharing sincerely what she has to her students.. and thus this student benefited from it…

The show ended with this phrase which i found touching and encouraging and which i will use to encourage myself if i am down…


Velvet Dragon

9 06 2007

Juskawaime was invited by MyKing to Velvet Dragon last nite. It was Velvet Dragon‘s grand opening ceremony. Free flow of drinks between 9.30-10.30pm.. MyKing always many of this kind of lobang.. haha

Seems that it was the Momo club  closed down, and re-open as Velvet Dragon. I asked why, MyKing said “Marketing strategic”. MyKing, the regular patronizer of Momo, also commented the deco now (at Velvet Dragon) is more or less the same..(as in Momo) but maybe with more ‘Feng Shui’ instilled .. like mirrors (small, big, shattered..), lights/lamps, red&Golden colours.. Juskawaime had never been to Momo, so couldn’t comment on their differences

I was late, but just in time to watch the babes and hunks doing the catwalk for some contest. Wow bikinis and swimming trunks leh.. all those bodies… Waoowooo haha slurp love I did capture some shots, but it is in my hp. Currently not sure how to upload to my comp.. haha (anyone can helps me..? widegrin)

Music was great .. at least there was many enjoyable dances/songs.. perhaps it was some retro.. haha juskawaime likes retro! Stayed there till 2am.. FUN! Perhaps will go down some other time?

In conjuction with Great Singapore Sale (GSS), Velvet Dragon will have free entry before 11pm + fantastic promo price of drinks ($3-beer glass, $12-beer jugs…) for weekend (Fri, Sat) from now till end of July? Pls check and confirm with the club for their promo.. And see if we can bump into each other there?  wink