Britain’s got talent

16 06 2007

 Britain’s got talent

Thought this is another “American’s Idol” with Simon Cowell as one of the judges, along with other two judges – Amanda and Piers.

Yet there are more to just singing in this talent show…. yes there were guys dancing (dressing like girls), old lady rapping, opera, dances, stunt-acts, comedy, also performing monkey and pig (Rupert)! o_O 

Brought laughter and smile to me.. even to Simon. He is so handsome when he flashes his white-teeth in his big smile!

MrBrown said that this six-year-old Connie brought tears to his eyes.. Yes indeed, she sang beautifully and very natural, you will love her! But most importantly I think it is the fact MrBrown, a father of three, felt connected with this angel-like girl.

Amanda also cried.. Connie is indeed very lovable, incredible and fantastic.. Angel-face she has, blue eyes .. She impressed the audiences and judges and many others like me.  juskawaime likes her too.

Connie – Somewhere over the rainbow

juskawaime also loves the performances by some like Dominic, Scott, Paul and Kit-Kat girls, beside Craig.

Craig performed a baton twirling. He took up baton twirling since 3yrs old as his grandma had a troupe. His parent were not supportive of this, thus he kept his job as a baton twirling from them. So only his grandma accompanied him to the show.. And can see how close the relationship between Craig and his grandma. I love Craig’s performance, and the song he used. The audiences, hearing those thunder applause, obviously love him.

Amanda encouraged Craig by saying “.. I was lucky that when I had a dream, my parents are 100% behind me….. And when you have a dream, nobody should stop you… absolutely nothing and nobody…. and you are fantastic”

Simon commented Craig has this “Likeability Factor” and credited his incredible performance.

See how happy and delighted his grandma behind the stage. The kinship brought tears to me.. I’m touched..

Craig – Baton Twirling

juskawaime loves beautiful relationship



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