Medan Wedding

3 07 2007

Congratulation to the handsome groom and beautiful bride ~ H & Y! *Hip Hip Hurraayyy*


Juskawaime had attended weddings in jakarta (mostly when I was relatively young) and once in Surabaya few years back for a relative’s wedding, once in romantic Bali for a good friend’s wedding and also numerous weddings in Sg (friends mostly, as we are of marriage age) after graduation.. But this is first time in Medan.. and first time… so drama… ok lar, not very very drama.. but still drama… at least more drama than others..

As usual, there are tea ceremony where bride and groom collected lots of AngPao and Gold! And of course, giving Angpaos to the younger family members as well. Gathering after Tea ceremony in lunch time..

 wedding_settings Before groom collect bride The girls

table_setting with parents at tea ceremony cake

In afternoon, getting ready for the big bang at night, we do our hair, make up, dress up:

my hair

Jo’s hair Aunt’s hair Hair stylist & make-up artist my toes & shoes

juskawaime Me&Jo flowerly Jo & Me juskawaime

And we are ready to ‘rock & roll’ and have fun for the night!! (=

full force Rai restaurant green & beautiful dancers

Place is big, cake is big, stage is grand too, everyone is dressed up for the occassion.. Jo was roped in to help out at the receptionist (even though she could not speak any indo language!).. Haha I guess she still did well, by just smiling and asking guests to write their names on the guest book, collect angpows and giving guests the wedding souveniers.. Well done, Jo! *proud of you, you look gorgeous!*


Many entertaining occassions.. Lots of guests love to sing so they will go up to the stage and sing and entertain the other guests. Some performances comes with dancers as well! Really very professional leh!! Old songs like 我的心里没有你… nice…. (=

performance1 performance2 performance3

Groom’s parents love singing, so they are in this Karaoke Group ~ Asia Baru Karaoke Group. Heard that they all start with abt 7 couples and now the group has already abt 52 couples++.. Very nice to be able to have friends of common interests to spend leisure time together… juskawaime will also wish to have such kakis, when I am old, for ktv, dancing, tennis, majong, yum-chaing…etc.. Well back to the Karaoke Group, they all came and perform for everyone on the stage – impressive HUGE group!!

performance by Asia Baru Karaoke Group - Huge Group!

Being great singer and the loves to sing run in this family. Thus with such happy occassion and wonderful celebration, the parents, the couples and the bro/sister have to come up on the stage to sing!!

 The groom’s parents groom & bride performance bro & sister givin their wishes to the couple ~ “Tonight I celebrate my LOVE for you”

And that is where I found that there are people who will go up the stage and gave AngPows to the performancers/singers…  Later then I found out that if you like the singers’ voice and performances, as an appreciation for performing professionally and also bringing such wonderful joy, the guests will give AngPow ($$).  Interesting….

And of course, being the limelight of the night, these few VIPs have more AngPow (people have to give more face… but of course, they sang well too!! good)

Bosses of the couple flew all the way from Melbourne to Medan just to attend the couple’s wedding.. Wow, it is really sweet of them.. 

Boss boss & pa 2 nice and handsome bosses

I wonder if I marry overseas, whether my bosses or friends or relatives will fly all the way (Australia to Indonesia is considered long journey and airticket is also not-so-cheap, just to come for couple days neeeds much more $$, face and extra mile) So hopefully juskawaime‘s SO (Significant Other) can afford airtickets and accomodations for ALL who want to attend our wedding then, be it in any parts of the world or from any parts of the world.. hihi Guess .. I will scared off many potential suitors with this wish.. as Jun & Jo proclaimed.. err Ahem..

Befriend with many new nice people during this trip/wedding:

With Cuang Cuang With Ahma with aunt & uncle (who are nice to pick us up from airport) Me Jun Jo

Thank you all for the wonderful time in Medan.


Medan Medan

3 07 2007

Glad that despite hectic schedule at work and study, juskawaime could go for a short get-away to Medan last week.. WOOHOO!! (=

What await for us is a delicious dinner treat at a restaurant especially arranged for overseas guests attending the wedding..

I love this ginger dessert … Yummy..


It is juskawaime‘s first trip to Medan. I have been to Jakarta (obviously), Surabaya, borobudur, Bali, Batam, Bintan.. So now I can add another one to my collection.. *yeah* We took Silkair (sister company of Singapore Airline) and whole journey is very short, less than 1hr.. Shorter than a trip to jkt from sg. Cost-wise.. FREE .. at least to me! haha Thanx to my ex-colleague who gave me his krisflyer points (So sweet of him! *smile*)

Medan is similar like Sg 10yrs++ ago, according to Jo. The shops scene in the market there is one good example. There are, of course, also big shopping malls like SunPlaza where you can get expensive and branded stuffs, however juskawaime and friends prefer the “busy market” (direct translation from the Indonesian name – Pasar Rame) as things are more cheaper and to our liking… except the hot weather ~ non-aircon.. Well, we can’t expect that much huh!


And we are here in Medan, spending most of our time ~ shopping, eating, shopping, eating, massaging.. beside the main purpose of attending the wedding dinner in Medan.


We stayed at fren’s house during our stay in Medan. Very warm and generous hospitality rendered by fren & family.. We loved our stay there except the fact that Medan is undergoing lack of electricity, thus there will be blackouts (no electricity) for 4hrs every 4-8hrs.. Almost like 2x a day, once in morning/afternoon and once in night time. We can escape the day time’s blackout by being away in malls, market, restaurant, hotel or saloon.. However, shops still need to close at the end of the day, thus being back to a house with patch blackness, using candle and torch light is indeed quite an experience for us. We r ok with blackness actually, but then, no electricity means no air-con or fans.. and with that, we can’t really sleep ~ too hot! Ok we r pampered! =p So, we will normally chit chat till the electricity comes back around 1am, then we will all go and sleep.. (=

Managed to squeeze in foot-reflexiology and hair-spa.. though not much time for hair-dye or hair perm.. Will see if I shall do it in Sg or JB. And indeed time flies, and we were ‘forced’ to face the reality – that is to return to sg and work the next day – Arrgghhh

Flight was quite empty, managed to ask the air stewardess to take this pic for us, and eventually home sweet home..


And yes.. we are all happily rewarded with lots of foods and shopping goodies.. We went with each one bag, and we I return with 2 bags and 1 box. Jo ~ 1 bag and 3boxes

our luggage