5 07 2007

Yeah yeah.. I know Paris is such a romantic place for most, but this post is not really abt that lovely place, but a seafood buffet restaurant PARISS at Marina Square.


Used to admire their outside deco.. Oh, juskawaime loovveess glittering stuffs…so this is COOL! similar lights I witnessed at the HK restaurant where my bro held his wedding dinner.. I love it… Will love to have such lights at my future home, if hubby/I can afford love winkp



Deco looks very POSH and HC (High CLass – opp of LC (Low Class) =P ), but never got the chance to experience the food there.. till Monday night 2nd July 2007… and it is FREE somemore.. *Hulaalaa* slurp love (under sponsor of my company – well some dinner celebration after we finish our project milestones. The turnout was also big ~ 33++ colleagues, as it is considered as a combined projects’ celebration. Well basically all/most-of the members in my function group are present/invited!)

Abt $32+++ per pax Quite a wide spread of food including oysters .. yummy.. salmon, tempura, crab, chawanmusi, fishes (Dory..etc) , fish-belly, yum cha food, shark fins’ soup, crocodile’s bak kut teh (special hor), duck meat wrapped with pao, ice-creams, ice-kacang pattern, fruits, bird-nest drink, soyabean milk, cakes, desserts like mango pudding, guilin gao, jelly.. ok list goes on…


food1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

You see lar.. with such yummy delicacies , how can I not put on weight? err  *sigh* character-struggle (just learn this from MassComm – loves to eat,  but cannot eat coz otherwise will be fatter and fatter.. ok maybe this example is not very appropriate.. ) shy  Yes mama, I will go on diet..




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