6 07 2007

If u ask someone, “What r u looking for in ur future partner? Or in a gf/bf?”

And if the person said: “No criteria or no requirement”.. That is bullshit.. zz


Just like when u asked ur friends, where shall we eat later? They said “whatever”, “anything”.. and when u eventually excitingly said “Then lets go for KFC! (=”

But then A will say “Not KFC again!”

B will add on saying ” Can we eat not fried stuffs?!?!”

C will say “I just eat KFC this morning/yesterday/lastweek!!”

*roll eyes in exasperation* rolleyes

Then U will say “Ok then, not KFC, so where u all wanna to eat?!” (still trying to smile and trying to hide ur annoyance)

But ……

“Anything” or “Whatever” answers will pop up again…

KNN! angry *Opps* pardon me for the language.. shy

It is not whatever or anything lor.. more accurate to say it should be “Whatever, except KFC” or “anything, except KFC, xxx, xxx & xxx”


So back to qs of what r u looking for in a gf/bf..

Oh.. it is anything.. or whatever… it is NOT lor..

Coz it will be with conditions or requirement like…

“As long as she has a good heart…”

“As long as he loves me…..”

“I dun mind abt looks, but must be at least presentable…..”

“It is all depends on fate….”

“I dun have a requirement, as long got chemistry ….”

ehh ehh … fate or chemistry is also a requirement lor … *roll eyes* Oh

Coz in everything there is always a condition, requirements.. be it basic or unsaid standard or extra or ridiculous ones..


Just like u try to look for a job… what kind of jobs r u looking for?? Again.. “Anything lor”, “whatever lor” as long it is job..

So how abt this job? “iiihhh.. pay so low.. only $2k, how to survive?”

Then how abt this job? Pay also not bad.. got around $3k? “hmm… butt…. very far leh, I stay in Pasir Ris, but this job is in Jurong lehh”


Then how abt this job? good pay $3.5k, around Bedok, quite near ur home also.. how? “yeah… but look at the job scope… boring leh.. lots of dirty work…etc etc etc etc”

*roll eyes* err

Ok never ending story..


But u know what I am trying to say here….

So nowadays when my friends ask me, where shall we eat? Most of the time, I will say, “Dun ask me, U choose lar. Coz normally I will say “Japanese Food” like “Ichiban Sushi” …” Yeah boring answer.. but dun expect smart answers to come out from my mouth on this topic.. winkp

And if my friends ask me, “What kind of guys r u looking for?” or “What factors u want in ur future partners?” I will start blabbing non-stop .. and the reason is coz there is always criteria and requirements ~ be it basic, standard, un-said, the extras … coz everyone’s definition differs. sunglasses