Happy Birthday dear cousin Wenny

7 07 2007

Happpppy Birthdayyy dear Wei-Cen!! *muack*

Indeed the number 07.07.07 is really COOOOLL!!



7 07 2007

My insurance agent gave me an OSIM UZAP on thursday..


So nice of him.. though he got it for free (well he could have given to other pple! right?) He said he actually have 2 stuffs, and I could choose if I want.. Being greedy and kepo, I asked him what is the other one ~ portable DVD player (sounds cool too huh?!)  But he told me he thought the UZAP is better coz the dvd player runs in battery? So may not be as good..

But anyway, I eventually took the UZAP coz maybe my enormous body may benefit better from uZAP! hopefully *cross fingers*   winkp


And I have instantly tried using them that very night!! WOHoOOO (=

trying out Uzap

Pardon juskawaime‘s ugly nightwear… shy