Japanese – my love & Ache

9 07 2007

It is headache ~ ache… Atama Itai ~ (My) Head is painful.. – Jo always like to say that *laugh*

juskawaime love japanese..

I dunno why? Maybe I love watching Jap drama when/since I was young..

Though later I also picked up Korean Drama, it has never been in my thoughts/wish-list to learn Korean…

So Japanese language is the special one..

I haven’t been to Japan, though I wish to visit Japan one of these days..

I took Jap as my General Electives (GE)  in my uni days… and I studied the Elementary and Intermediate courses for 2 semesters [1 year in total]. And mind you, I studied them seriously (almost every other day) compared with other core subjects.. I think I neglected my Core subjects to study my beloved Japanese language.. Haha Ironical ~ friends commented.

Well well.. I have been playing with the thoughts of going back to my Jap after few years of working… And I started to source the various Japanese centres around last year..

Finally decided on the Japanese Cultural Society in Singapore (JCSS), managed to pull in my good friend Jo to join in the queue and study with me..

The registration starts on 19th 17th Dec, around 10am… And by the time, I reached there, it was abt 10am… and guess what I see?? GOOSSHHH… LOOOONG QUEUE…. And I was given No. 640 & 641!!

WTF! zz


(borrowed this foto from website first, I need to search my own foto-based for my queue.. I remembered taking it..)

We feared that we cannot register our lesson.. since we r so far behind … (even though the guy in front of us eventually gave us his no. coz he was just accompanying his friend, but still…. number 639 and 640 do not make much significant differences (compared with 640 & 641)) *sianz*

And whatever plan we had (like which time schedule or days we want..) all went in vain. Coz there was not much choices anyway…. *Sianz* And side-track a bit, they do not even have NETS over there.. where got people bring $165 around for first payment.. *diao3* juskawaime is not rich leh…

Well praise and thanx the Lord, in the end, Jo and I managed to register with the Sunday class 4.20pm – 6.30pm (2hrs each week). So it will be a year course (Jan – Nov) for the Elementary – total 3 semesters.

We had finished 1st semesters and took test for it. Semester 1 covers lesson 1- 4. And with much excitement and eagerness, juskawaime studied religiously.. *haha* And guess what, praise the Lord, I managed to get 100 marks for my exam! yeahyeah

Now we r at our 2nd semester (Lesson 5-8), exam covers Lesson 1-8 (OMG! more and more!!).. And lessons cover more and more difficult verbs …Muzikashi desne.. *faintz* And plus I started my MassComm courses also… So not much time to do my jap revision.. NOW i felt the stressssssss

5th Aug is my Jap exam, 6th and 7th Aug are my MassComm exams…. err

God bless me…. *praying hard*