Assignment accomplished

12 07 2007


juskawaime managed to struggle 2 nights to finish off the 2 MassComm assignments. Do not ask me what I write.. neither I really wanna post over here.. coz I do not think I know what I am writing about… rolleyes  And plus it is about 1500 – 2000 words..

But yes… just wanna say “I AM HAPPY!” ha

Ok one thing settles, next thing … study for my exams….


*super sianz*

See how juskawaime can happy and then super sianz! Funny… hihi winkp

Hope ~ have faith

12 07 2007

My insurance agent shared this with me…

If you lose your wealth, it is ok, you lose nothing..

If you lose your health, you lose something..


If you lose your hope, you lose everything..

So my dear friends, go… hold on to your faith and do not give up hope in everything! *jia you*

juskawaime always feel that life is much more than this… the bad is not as bad as we thought… and as long as we perserve and have positive mindset and leave everything in the hands of the Lord, we will experience light…. it is only now or tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow… *repeat* 柳暗花明又一春?