Cutie babies (II) – they grow fast!

13 07 2007

Remember my entry on cutie baby

Yes, juskawaime loveeeesss babies..

But it will be good if they  just stop at a certain age… Hmm.. what is the age when the baby are at their cutest?? 3yrs old? 5yrs old?? *pondering*

Well well… I just feel that the babies all seem to grow v fast..

I still remember the last time I attended my ex-colleague’s baby (Ah Kai) 1st mth celebration. He (DN) had it in his house inviting some of their friends and colleagues. juskawaime was late (Yeah.. as usual… shy ), thus missed the gathering of the colleagues. But it is ok, i still manage to view the cutie baby love

Yeah I also thought it was just recently that I was also invited to his son’s 1st year old birthday party (Oct 2006). This time round was at this open space near his flat. My another colleague brought her son JY as well to this party. SHe also stayed v near him.

Ah Kai + juskawaime + JY

AhKai me JY

And without me realizing, DN is becoming a father again… at April 2007 to another baby boy – Ah De! Cutie baby… And to my shock, the-at-that-time baby boy Ah Kai has grown up – i meant groowwwwn up. And it is just 6mths difference…. *GOSH*

See fotos!

Ah De in hospital.. His name was not finalized then..

Ah De

Ah Kai – a big brother liao! (=

See he looked so much longer taller..

Ah Kai

Ah Kai


13 07 2007

You have this term in User manual books, projects, …

An abbreviation (from Latin brevis “short”) is a shortened form of a word or phrase. Usually, but not always, it consists of a letter or group of letters taken from the word or phrase. For example, the word “abbreviation” can itself be represented by the abbreviation “abbr.” or “abbrev.”

juskawaime shall identify some of the abbreviations used in my blog here:


juskawaime = juskawaime = just the kawai me = just the cute me = me love

KNN = Ka Ni Nia = (what does this meant huh? Well doesn’t matter, what it meant, I am angry and exploding…angry Some below are also scolding words to indicate BAD feeling)

NB = Na Be = same thing.. furious feeling grumph

CTT= Chao Te Te = stupid = stupid pig = stupid turtle

TMD = Ta Ma De = his/her-mum’s one = scolding words

LL = Lao Lan  = scolding words

WK = Wah Koorh = *roll eyes* “pointing palm upwards to you”

wahh liaoo = WK = *roll eyes* “pointing palm upwards to you”

OMG = Oh My God or Oh My Goodness rolleyes err

Alamak = OMG *hitting head*

Celaka = OMG = trouble.. = hitting head and saying “Oh NOoo…”

Maciam = as if

Cham = looking old

sianz = bored = roll eyes rolleyes

diao = diao3 = -__-” = roll eyes rolleyes = err = feeling exasperation = annoyed = cannot understand why such person has such low IQ/EQ/brain = annoyed = irritated = frustration

Siao = xiao4 =  crazy = lunatic person = ridiculous zz

ROOOOAAARRRR = growling like a tiger = feeling angry angry

atas = the “high class” pple (usage: Yes, we drink coffee, but we are more ‘atas’ coz we only go Starbuck, we didn’t go to coffee shop.. what is coffee shop? qs)

LC = Low Class pple = pple having low taste (just like if pple do not like juskawaime, they are LC,  coz they dunno what is good person when they see one… *hiak hiak* hihi ha, bu shi huo.. their loss anyway… wink )

Tak boleh Tahan = cannot tahan = cannot endure/tolerate

Lagi best = better!

WTF = What The Fxxk = What!?! o_O

Orbigood = very good.. u‘ve ur own self to blame = 活该!


Seems the abbreviations are mostly ‘bad’ words for scolding.. but cannot say too direct, so use short forms.. hihi Hopefully there are not more and more bad words… haha winkp

I will update this as i found more and more…

Anymore to share??? widegrin


Psst.. pls do not sue me for using bad language to blog.. sometimes, it just feel right at that time to use such to express my emotion and feeling accurately. And makes story more ‘feeling’ so that you readers can understand and connect, and relate better to what I want to portray or what I have experienced or what/how I felt … etc. It certainly does not mean juskawaime is a bad person who like to curse and swear.. shy pardon me.. Oh