bf – no – jerk!

14 07 2007

This can be a long entry.. bear with me if it is boring…

Sometime, u received nice sms, u will tend to keep it into ur msg box. I will too..

especially those sweet or amusing sms that ur bf then (now ex-bf) sent to u before..

I kept some to remember the sweetness of him, but some to remind myself to blog abt it.. What I wrote of him below is what I thought He is or should be.. May not be true (after all) ok?


Colour representation:

BLUE = His Sms = He said

Purple = My sms = I said

Orange = my incident/action and what i think


Got to know someone JPYJ from internet..

Guess everything goes too fast .. according to my friends ( as usual..)

Ok, i am fast person.. See this..

And he is also a fast person.. Maybe more fast faster than me.. much faster.. He is a person who knows what he wants, his aim is to get a gf since he has a good career liao.. dun want to spend so much time and too much hazzle.. of course, he has his requirements ..

We sms and talked on the fone (for not long).. Then he started sms me .. even before we met..

“Will u be my gf?”

“Xiao ah, u dun even seen me before.. U dunno me also…” *diaoz*

“I have seen ur fotos, I know u, u dun have feeling for me?”

*diaoz* Really super fast..

“Haha what kind of qs r u asking me? I dunno u, how to have feeling for u? Then u leh? U have feeling for me meh?”

“Got a bit. U a nice woman. I knm u will love n stick your bf. That y hope u be my gf 1 day.”

So one the first night, after we have meet each other… he said…

“Sweet heart will u be my lasting gf.” 11-06-2007 18:50:14

I said, not sincere enough.. must got gift mah? If not flowers… sent to my office! haha And I also tell him my bd coming… so must have 2 prezzies.. (greedy me huh? =P) Well well..

He sms “I prefer to knw u more n c how u love me. And I will gave in to you.”

I didn’t really say yes .. neither i say no…to his qs… but…  so… we r like together ??

But anyway.. we called each other almost every night, and sms each other.. He slept late as he is self-employed so his time is flexible.. so sometimes at night, I will receive his sms before he slept.. like

“Dear, i going sleep nw. Just nw see bbc channel. ant attack, v good n detail about ant life. Nw go bed, gdnite. MissU, LoveU, mauk mauk mauck..14-06-2007 03:47:59

I didn’t get anything from him for asking me to be his gf.. ok FINE! But as my bd was coming, I hinted to him… openly .. again… haha …  so i was expecting something from him…this time…. ( is it too much to ask/wish that?? tssk tsskk)

But when the day rears.. 

18th June 2007

He told me his bd is actually 22nd June! Wahh I said so near my bd… good we can celebrate together..  at first, thinking of having dinner together, but I got class on wed till 10pm.. so plan cannot be fulfilled..

~ 20th June 2007 ~ My Special Day

Work as usual.. but feeling happy coz received lots of wishes from friends, colleagues..

Went to class.. back home abt 10.30pm…

*received nothing from him .. no sms.. no turnup … nothing….*

I am disappointed (who will not?!?!).. but I tried to keep my disappointment.. Not good to give him too much pressure since our relationship is still young/raw/fragile..

It is as if another normal day.. he sms me maybe abt 11pm++ to ask me to call him as usual.. And then, explain he actually wanted to come over my place (like a surprise), but he needed to finish up something for the next day..

I said, “It is ok, work more impt” (I am trying to be understanding .. so am I good gf?)

And to be better gf.. i said..

“Eh dear, how u want to celebrate ur bd? I am free tomorrow, shall we eat somewhere for celebration?” See how nice and generous i try to be.. U dun celebrate mine, ok lar..  but I still try to celebrate for u..

“Eat outside? U treat ah?”

“Ok lor” Not as if i will get broke to treat him.. see how ‘pelit’ (小气)guys nowadays are.. Never mind .. I 忍 (I endure, bear, tolerate..) Ur birthday, u big mah.. (only on bd day hor)

“Shall I get a cake? Then we can celebrate our birthday together mah? *smile*” See I am trying to be good gf as well… bf didn’t buy bd cake for gf.. but gf buys for him on his bd..

Buy cake har.. Ok lor, u buy tomorrow, get chocolate or blackforest… and I give u $$..Then maybe we go ur place or my celebrate..”

“It is ok lar, I buy u bd cake mah, no need to pay me back”

“Aihyoo, u buy for me or I pay, same lar..” Sounds nice, as if we are ONE.. (cheyy.. one ..ur head! wanna *vomit* if I say this now..)

21st June 2007

His last call to me is abt 5pm.. He said he needs to meet a client at Jurong at 7pm till 10pm.. I said ok lor..  Asking him to call me once he has finished..

I work till abt 8pm…  very very tired then…

So tired that I really wanna go home to sleep…

but coz I promised him I will buy the cake.. and I didn’t wanna disappoint him on his special day… I went to buy a cake.. I took a cab to Tiong Bahru.. coz I also wanna to buy shoes (my shoes are wearing off liao..).. I was so tired.. that i didn’t enjoy my shopping time.. i was yawning all the way in the shoe shop!! Can u imagine how tired I am..

I quickly bought 2 pairs of shoes… bought a birthday cake .. even thinking hard what cake flavour to buy.. I wanted to buy a fruit cake with mango topping .. but i dunno if he likes mango (seee how limited my knowledge of him..) .. I will love to buy the tiramisu cake (i like tiramisu).. but this is not my bd cake.. it is his leh.. and I didn’t know if he likes tiramisu… Buying cake is such headache!! -__-“ But anyway i finally decide on the chocolate cake.. (safe, since he mentioned chocolate)

Reached home abt 10pm.. was waiting for his call or sms.. Didn’t call or sms him, dun wanna to disturb his meeting with his client.. So waited .. waited.. till i slept on my sofa.. I was very tired.. remember?

But I didn’t want to just sleep coz knowing the piggy me.. i may have slept till next day (maybe too engrossed in my sleep and didn’t hear his sms or call…)

And I wanna to be the first one to wish my bf- happy birthday… (just like, I wish my bf or hubby is the first one to give his bd wishes to me..)

So i waited… keeping my eyes open…

waited.. no sms…

waited no call…

At 11.58pm+-, I called his hp.. He answered..

Then I found out he is at home..#$%^&*(#$%^

I started to feel angry and ‘wei3 qu1’ 委屈 that all the while I was waiting for his call.. he was at HOME?!?!?! Shit.. He explained to me he just got home.. Ok .. blah blah blah whatever..

22nd June 2007 – early wee hrs

I am a bit pisssssss of him already.. but I just gallantly try to put aside my pissssness and say, “Happy Birthday, dear”

Guess what he said to me…


……U will never have guess it…..


try again……

He said, “Actually today is not my birthday” (past midnight liao, so now it is 22nd June)



“My Bd is on March actually…”



“Then why u wanna to tell me 22nd June is ur bd??” (And he could have tell me or confess to me on 20th June, when I ask him if he wants me to buy a cake for him! But he bloody didn’t!! And even asked me to buy a cake! Damn hiM!!!

“Oh I wanna see how much u love me.. What ur going to do for me..”


“U didn’t do anything right…?? U got buy me anything meh?!”

DAMMMMNN IT!! Now I am getting pisssssed… realllly pissed..

I rebuked..

“Eh.. before u say me.. Why dun u reflect on urself?? What have u done on my bd?? NOTHINGGG!! What have u got for me?? NOOOTTTHINGGG… U dun even bought me a cake?!?!? Soo how much u love me?!?! U still accusse me for not loving me?!?!”



“At least, I bought a cake for u… I was waiting for u to come back from ur customer visit… I wanted to celebrate for u… “

“U bought the cake? U wanna come to my place?? Why u didn’t tell me..?? Dun always like to plan surprise stuffs mah…..”


He was the one who agreed I shall buy a cake.. he knows abt our discussion, he cannot remember?? Or he just thought whatever we talked on the fone, i will just take it as a joke? Never really take it seriously?!??!?!?!!



Then once he knew I bought the cake.. He said, so u want me to come over now??”

I said, “No need”.. WHAT for? Ok, i should stress…. WHAT the BLOOODDY FxxKing for??

I am soo angry… And i feel ….I am so stupid… coz now i realize that his bd is not 22nd June, so yesterday on my bd night, I asked him whether I should get a cake for him.. He said to ask me to buy the cake.. is actually… asking me to buy a cake for myself!!! And then he pay for it… R u really that DAMN busy that u cannot buy the cake urself!! “

I think I had enough!!!!!!

Enough shit!!!!!

I always thought that we r not really suitable.. but i paused and decided not to have a pre-judgment on him and on our relationship…. like my friends said .. give him, give myself, give ourselves … another chance…  He maybe not my ideal prince-charming.. not someone I am really looking for … but someone says… we r not looking for the perfect ones, but looking for the one that can accept u as u r and love you and treasures u… and build a home that is called ours..

But after this incident… I guess … never mind, even if he is the one.. who cares.. at least I dun… If I missed such a fate.. then let it be… I dun care.. I will be glad that i missed it..


So we break off on 22nd June 00:20

Our last conversation…

He said” I cannot talk to u with u such in fiery mood..  lets talk again once u cool off…”

I said ok, “I have nothing to say anymore.. BYEEE”

He then sms me , “Do you want me to go ur place now?”

“Thank you for all stuffs these 2 week. Wish you find a suitable gf soon. I am sure u will then be successful in ur career and happy with ur gf” – kk

“Now u want to talk like that iz it?”

No more sms .. No reply ..I ignored it.. and went to sleep

22nd June 2007 

Didn’t hear from him again for whole day, thought it is the end liao. *good* but alas.. I received this sms ..

“Can i borrow $500 frm u? I need pay my vendor cod. Tue i got my cheque i pay u back can. Just this time all my payment out.” 22-06-2007 21:13:38

No reply

“Can you pls reply my sms?”

No reply

“U wanna be nasty is it?”

“Sorry, I am tight now. Pls try ur other sources.”

“Can’t u see I am asking u for help? Can’t u help?”

“Can’t u see that I’m tight and broke as well? No I dun think u can. U just can see ur own needs! Try asking ur vendor to delay the payment till next tues when u get ur cheque!” use brains lar..

“I hate u! U fat liar! I just check your account you had thousand in your bank.” 22-06-2007 22:55:57 I am amused.. coz that meant he was either lying, or he ransack my cupboard while I am in toilet (away from my room)?

No reply

“Nw I knw u with me for money. I test u on I borrow money frm u. I last 3day bought a demand necklace 1.3k. I yesterday wan to gave u. But u stubborn n selfish.” 22-06-2007 23:11:01  See #1 below

“Oh is it? I am so touched… Pls give the necklace to some other girls then. And don’t worry, ur $$ is safe, I cannot be eyeing ur $$ coz I break up with u yesterday, remember?”

“Ur never my gf. I got gf already. I just play play with u.. Doesn’t meant u break off first then u win………..” *childish* bi3 shi4 (look down)



*roll eyes* diamond also dunno how to spell! Cheeyyy!!  WK! *roll eyes again* At first, i also dunno what is demand necklace, then when I sent to Jo, she told me, don’t think abt the diamond necklace hor.. Diamond? Ohh.. demand = diamond.. hohoho… I get it now..  I think it is coz of this, Jo gave me a diamond on my bd.. Maybe to make me feel better or compensate my loss of the ‘demand’ necklace.. haha much appreciated.. never expect such from Jo. *touched* Ok Jo, now it is small.. waiting for a bigger one from u ok? I dun mind rolex, diamond pendant, diamond earrings, diamond braclets … *crossing fingers, praying hard* =P


Till now, I didn’t know the real story…

whether he has plotted the whole story.. the story of his job, work, biz, …….to get $$ from me..


I dunno

and I dun think I want to know anyway..

Or should I said.. I will like to know (if God tells me), but dun think it really matters anyway.. (=

Thank you my friends for ur concern.. I am good.. no worry (=