Happy Bday, July babies!! (=

16 07 2007

Happy Birthday to Shirley! (7th July)

Happy Birthday to Siuping! (13th July)

Happy Birthday to HJ! (14th July)

Happy Birthday to Neoooo! (20th July)

Happy Birthday to Ardi! (22nd July)

Happy Birthday to Leo! (22nd July)

bdtoyou prezzie bdtoyou

My name..

16 07 2007

juskawaime always wanna to have MEGA memory to remember everyone’s names and little details… coz it is always so nice for someone to remember ur name….


Sometimes I met people on train, bus interchange, MRT station, shopping malls ..etc.. and I know they r from my secondary school or JC or Uni or friends’ friends…. so we’ll talk a bit and chit-chat anything-under-the-sky (but of course, not for all).. but eventually just before we departed… I often realized actually I dunno his/her name… and there is always this ‘awkward situation’ where they or I will ask (if i ask, sometimes I am asking for trouble, coz most of the time they remember and I cannot! err) .. so the final conversation will be like…..

juskawaime: “Eh u still remember my name or not??”

XX: “Yeah of course! KK!” (KK is still quite easy, it is just a nick or short name. But sometimes pple do remember my full name.. and say..

XX: “Yeah of course! Kurniawati lar!” or “wati”

Then the moment I am dreading for… z

XX: “Ehh.. then u remember my name or not??” widegrin

juskawaime: “Haha… Hmm… Errr… Hahaha…. Hmmm…. Err….” shy

So pls pardon my ‘good’ memory if I do have such incidents with u..

When Mrs Teo called out my full name on sat (14-07-07), I’m touched.. someone, whom I didn’t really correspond all these years, can remember my name.. and my full name somemore.. after .. 12yrs… GOSH!  Yes.. I am that old sobs

It is always nice that someone is soo 有心 to remember ur full name.. esp if that name is a complicated and long one.. yes just like juskawaime hihi

Sms from fren

16 07 2007

Received an sms yesterday..

“KK, I got a guy fren that needs $$ urgently to pay his vendor lei. He got a new demand necklace that he bought fr $1.3k, now wanna let go @ $500. I noe u got thousand in ur bank. Can u transfer to me 1st I pass u the necklace on tue? sunglasses “


This sms seems……. funny & ‘suspicious’….. u know if u have read this entry on bf-no-jerk

Hahaa…ha winkp

And what follow is another sms from him..

“I’m joking dear  winkp  Juz wanna let u know, that jerk is just a tiny fraction of the people that u’ve met. And ur lucky to have lotz of nice frenz that really carez! Like mi! hihi  (though I’m not the one thatz always by ur side when u need somebody most.. But at least I care to read ur updates n send u my regards rite!) sunglasses

I am touched..

Thank you, Louis kiss 


And of course, many thanx to friends (includes family, relatives..) who showered ur concern, love, support, encouragement… love

有了你们才叫完美人生 yeahyeah