My name..

16 07 2007

juskawaime always wanna to have MEGA memory to remember everyone’s names and little details… coz it is always so nice for someone to remember ur name….


Sometimes I met people on train, bus interchange, MRT station, shopping malls ..etc.. and I know they r from my secondary school or JC or Uni or friends’ friends…. so we’ll talk a bit and chit-chat anything-under-the-sky (but of course, not for all).. but eventually just before we departed… I often realized actually I dunno his/her name… and there is always this ‘awkward situation’ where they or I will ask (if i ask, sometimes I am asking for trouble, coz most of the time they remember and I cannot! err) .. so the final conversation will be like…..

juskawaime: “Eh u still remember my name or not??”

XX: “Yeah of course! KK!” (KK is still quite easy, it is just a nick or short name. But sometimes pple do remember my full name.. and say..

XX: “Yeah of course! Kurniawati lar!” or “wati”

Then the moment I am dreading for… z

XX: “Ehh.. then u remember my name or not??” widegrin

juskawaime: “Haha… Hmm… Errr… Hahaha…. Hmmm…. Err….” shy

So pls pardon my ‘good’ memory if I do have such incidents with u..

When Mrs Teo called out my full name on sat (14-07-07), I’m touched.. someone, whom I didn’t really correspond all these years, can remember my name.. and my full name somemore.. after .. 12yrs… GOSH!  Yes.. I am that old sobs

It is always nice that someone is soo 有心 to remember ur full name.. esp if that name is a complicated and long one.. yes just like juskawaime hihi




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