Cute mummy

17 07 2007

Daddy called me during my Jap class last sun.. told him I will call him later..

Called him after my Jap class and our conversation is like..

Dad: “Do u go to church today?”

juskawaime: “No..”

Dad: “Aihyoo.. why like that..? I really do not know what kind of lifestyle r u having! Must spend more time with our Lord!”

juskawaime: “Orh! … cannot wake up mah.. Yes papa, i will..”

Dad: “So what r u studying now?”

juskawaime: “Jap class on Sunday, MassComm on weekdays. 5th Aug – Jap Exam, 6th & 7th – MassComm exams”

Dad: “Remember to check the price of the airticket, then we can see whether we afford to go to Shantou end of the year”

juskawaime: “U going to jkt/Surabaya? Not going to HK?

Dad: “Yeah, coz  have not seen ur ‘ta ku’ (大姑) since ‘ku zhang’ passed away. So u check if price to shantou is cheap or not, then we can also visit our relatives there. HK – if can go, go. But will be more expensive?! Hendra is not going also .. So maybe next time, with Hendra. See first”

juskawaime: “Yes papa”

Dad: “Wait.. mama wanna talk to u”

Mum: “Cien, why so long never hear from u?”

juskawaime: “Oh.. is it? Busy studying maybe..” mummy missed me.. auww (=

Mum: “The hair on ur foto is it real?” huh?

juskawaime: “Which hair? Which foto?” Mum: “The one that u ask papa to read?”

juskawaime: “my blog?” Coz recently I introduced my blog to my daddy and asked him to read my blog ..

juskawaime: “Oh is it the fotos that I asked papa to read and see.. abt the Medan trip and Medan Wedding. We went to do our hair in a saloon for the wedding….Yes those hair are real..”

Mum: “Oh u been to Medan?” I think i have told mama i am going to Medan..

juskawaime: “Yes.. attending a wedding and some shopping … but maybe the fotos i have taken is not entirely all my hair.. some r friends’ hair or friend’s mum’s hair.. “

Mum: “No lar, it is not that one that i am saying.. U told papa in this small box.. the picture there of u… “

Hmmm… *pondering*…

Ohhh… *nodding head*

My mummy is referring to the foto of my MSN profile.

Mum: “Cien, that foto ur eyes r so big.. 你不要骗人lor.. people will think ur eyes are so big….z

Hahaa… cute mummy… U know what I meant if u know my mummy.. *grin* hihi

juskawaime: “Aihyoo .. mama.. u dunno ur daugther is that pretty meh?!” *hiak hiak hiak* winkp

The foto my mummy is referring.. Actually I cannot remember which one actually… should be either one ..

 me me


mummy also mentioned that she cannot really breathe properly these few days… perhaps it is the cold weather or maybe it is her ‘asthma’ acting.. anyway I am worried for her.

God bless my mummy and daddy with good health. I am willing to exchange whatever u want from me for their happiness and health. Lord, hear my prayer. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Cockles ~ Yummy

17 07 2007

The old airport road food centre was renovated sometimes back, and it has re-open already!

juskawaime had a chance to go there for dinner on saturday after the national stadium gathering (14-07-07).. LOTS of people … Yeah .. i meant LOTS of people… my frien is smart enough to get a parking at nearby open space area, if not, I dun think she can get any parking in the multi-storey carpark..

If u have been to old airport road food centre, u will know there are plenty of yummmy food.. I normally like to go there and have their fried hokkien noddle. (yes, I’m sometimes quite devoted to a food at a place) But alas, the stall is closed for the day. So I’m eyeing on the fried kway tiao with cockles (‘Ham’).. Dunno why I have this craving for ‘ham’ suddenly..

So I happened to spot a store with quite a long queue and I went up and ask if got ‘ham’.. Yes it had, so I queue. Normally I didn’t really like to queue.. but ok, I’m lazy to source around, and yes.. I wanna have ‘ham’..  so waited for almost half an hr..

And finally my turn .. “auntie, I want small one (fried kway tiao) and add more ‘ham’!”

lao fu zi

Yes.. it is a long wait..

But I think it is worth it …. slurp  Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Tiao store 老夫子炒果条


Big cockles (‘ham’) ~ Yummy Yummy


juskawaime likes ‘ham’! slurp