Cutie baby (III)

18 07 2007

Remember my 2 entries on cutie baby…

Yes, juskawaime loveeeesss babies..

Especially very cute babies.. yes they are a lot cutie babies (babies that I know.. like friends’, colleagues’, cousins’ …etc) Let me dug them out…

Maybe I should dedicate a category for cutie baby, what do you think?? Hmm.. in the meanwhile, just let it be in personals category first then..

Ok the limelight today is …………..*drum roooooolllllllllllss*

My primary school classmate’s baby – a very adorable little girl.. Azalea..


Squeezable cheeks she has… You will LOVE her when you see her! *my bet* (Ok lar, if u dun like baby, any cute babies u see u also dun like.. how to love.. Take back my bet then..) But if I have babies, I wish my baby is like her.. love Oh should I say, if I can choose my baby, I will like my baby to be like her… (=

Here are more shots of her, courtesy of mummy Kerry



Attended her 1st year old birthday celebration at the Changi Beach Club… (24th March 2007)  first time meeting my primary school mate – Kerry after 16years (Yes, we had graduated from our Xinghua Primary School for 16years liao…. Yes, juskawaime is old … *sobs* sobs  Dun rub more salt to my wound ok!?! angry ) Had meet up with some other primary school mates too.. Very nice feeling..

Azalea’s 1st year birthday


juskawaime + Kerry

me Kerry

juskawaime + friends