A day of joy & sadness

21 07 2007

Happened to bump to a JC friend – GX – last Sunday..

He was back from Beijing, after working there for 3 years (?)

So we arranged for a meet up on thursday with Jen as well.. before he flys off to HK..

At Modesto’s at vivo city ..

It is supposed to be a happy and joyful day..

coz I am in my new dress .. with my new hotpant.. different image lehh love

But alas.. it is the unfateful that I lost my hp as well… sobs

Ok… I have pacify myself with the loss.. I take it as a sign for me to let go of the past, get a new hp and clean up my contact list.. See I know how to look at the positive side of life.. hihi Haha .. but no choice also right?? winkp What is done .. is doneded.. Opps I meant what is done is done.. No point crying over spilt milk.. Shall learn 2 lessons from here.. Be more careful & backup my hp..

Ok back to my story.. still on the hp part..

I was very amused and fastinated by GX’s unique hp..

Presenting… the water bottle BMW hp!

bmw hp

COOooool bohh! good

Got MP3 playlist, camera, sms, bluetooth.. as well.. NOt 3G though.. But still.. it is FANTASTIC!!! Very special and unique.. Can’t really get it in sg. He bought it in China for abt $200? I tried to ‘physcho’ (persuade) GX to depart his hp, and give it to me.. coz I am the poor little girl who lost my hp..  (must pacify me marhh) but unfortunately he is not gentleman enough! zz haha

Well well.. we had fulfilling dinner.. Buy 1 get 1 free for pasta and pizza (from mon-thurs?) for UOB Creditcard holder.. WOHOOO!! Great deal huh! So we had 3 pasta & 1 pizza – paid for 2 of them only .. Total up to be $50++

modesto’s yummy food

Yummy .. Yummy … ink spagetti…  Yes.. this is mine… slurp


I am into ink nowadays.. dunno why? Suddenly always feel looking foward to eating ink… haha .. Will prob check out, after my jap class on sunday, the jap restaurant that serves the ink spaggetti in Bugis soon..  (must search out that bugis-guide book… shit.. where did I place it …) z

Thank you GX for the treat! (=

Jen GX Me

Anyway we checked out St James Power Station after our dinner since GX has not been there yet.. we ended out at one of their outdoor drinking place for some drinks..


See we r at the swing bench! Yippiee

Jen Me

BTW, thank you Modesto’s for ur wonderful food and service.. And also the help rendered when I lost my HP.. Appreciate it very much!  (=  good

GX, meet up soon after my exams ok? Hopefully ur still in Sg then..  =)



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