Jackson Jackson..

21 07 2007

Everything about them had to be kept hushed and confidential before 20th July 2007, until the Top 20 Star Search contestants, best out of the 1500 lot from Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia, had their ‘coming-out’ press conference thrown for them yesterday afternoon at the Pan Pacific Hotel. ….

And yes!!!! My best friend’s bro is in top 20 finalists for the Star Search 2007 [才华横溢出新秀2007] !! WOoHOO!!  yeahyeah

I was dying to tell everyone…. but well.. I waited till today to share the good news with u all!! (=

Pls support!!  love

All the best,Jackson!! 我们会永远支持你,加油!good




Watch his interview videos too!

In English

The Almost-A-Chippendale
Name: Tan Sia Chong Jackson

From: Singapore
Looks like: Taiwanese actor/singer/host Zhang Shanwei
Age: 23
Occupation: Student at Singapore Management University, Economics
Iron Man factor: Timing for his second Osim triathlon (1.5km swim; 10km run; 40km biking) in 2005 was two hours and 35 minutes and was ranked 21 out of 63 participants.

Jackson would be great prancing around in children programmes like his Taiwanese half if it wasn’t for his hulking V-shape build, no doubt a trophy from his participation in triathlons. In an Ally McBeal moment, I could almost see the buttons of his shirt giving up its valiant struggle to keep his tanned chest covered and doing a Chippendale in front of me. Yay!

In Chinese

翻版 张耀扬

陈侠中 Tan Sia Chong Jackson 23岁 大学毕业 来自新加坡



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