I should stay @ home ..

22 07 2007

Should have stayed at home and study on Sat 21st July 2007

But agreed to accompany frien for her ‘touch-up’ tattoo session at Far East Plaza..

So juskawaime was out to Orchard by noon..

Unfortunately session is cancelled, so we had lunch at Sunflower Vegetarian..


Organic Laksa.. $6.50 Spicy, and not bad.. I will not say very fantastic (Coz no ‘ham’! Haha but organic food dun have ‘ham’ i guess..), but the ingredients are quite nice.. And organic food supposed to be healthy right? Ehh.. eat organic food is it meant will not become fat..? winkp

Managed to buy my Minolta Battery in one of the camera shop in Far East Square.. Heng arhh.. Nowadays got $$ also may not get the original one. And I have the last one!! WOOHOOO widegrin Hahhaaa So paid $38/- for it.. Hopefully this battery can last.. coz if I lost it or if it spoils.. I dun think I can get the original one anymore.. coz nobody keeps stocks of them anymore.. since Minolta is being taken over by Sony… Or maybe by then, it is time to get a new camera.. and hopefully by then, my bros r upgrading their cameras so I can ‘kapo’ their cameras… Haha .. winkp

Why I said I should stay at home..

Coz at least I will be studying at home..

If not, at least I will be resting at home..

Lastly, at least.. I will NOT be spending $$$ .. lots of $$$.. err

Look at my damages shopping items today:

  1. Far East Plaza – Minolta Battery = $38
  2. CKTangs – BeneFit – dr. feelgood = $60
  3. Watsons – SallyHansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat = $11.90
  4. Cathay Cineleisure Sol Mart dodoclub – Eyelashes x 5 = $19.50
  5. Cathay Cineleisure Sol Mart dodoclub – Treatment Keratin Hair = $11.50
  6. Cathay Cineleisure Sol Mart dodoclub – Nail remover = $3.90
  7. Cathay Cineleisure Sol Mart dodoclub – Lip & Eye Remover = $9.90
  8. City Plaza – Crocodile luggage 28″ = $75
  9. Food (Lunch + Dinner) = $15
  10. Groceries = $20

Total bleeding ~ $265  rolleyes err

Aihyooo like that… how to save $$$$ *sigh* *sianz* zz 

And at least half are on credit..  see how my credit card bills pilled up!?! grumph

Ok ok.. I have not been shopping ok.. so maybe I’m forgiven this time..? hehe  shy

Sooo lets look at my shopping stuffs.. Yippiee..

shopping items

Bought so many eyelashes.. coz I heard the eyelashes sold from the Korean shop (Cineleisure basement) are quite good..  And plus, I dunno how to choose.. so many varieties…. and they all are different…  ok lar.. vain me… hihi

Went to City Plaza to pickup a dress I sent for amendment, but shop was closed. So decided to have Arnold’s chicken for dinner, dine-in is impossible coz of the heavy dinner crowds, so order to-take-away.


Went to browse around while waiting for my Arnold’s chicken be ready for collection. Saw the next-door bag shop.. was contemplating to buy a medium travelbag.. I have a 18″ cabinsize luggage (bought early this year) and a big samsonite luggage (which is with me for years… ) . Sometimes I don’t need that big luggage for travelling, but my 18″ is also too small to fit all my stuffs..  so I need a medium luggage.. Just like recent Munich trip, I borrowed a medium luggage from my housemate.. So .. Ok since boss is nice and gave me good price coz of Elsie (a friend I saw there, who happen to be boss’s acquintance) .. so here is my new medium luggage! *YEAH*


My 18″ luggage is also crocodile.. same design… so now I have a pair of crocodile luggages!! WOOHOO.. yeahyeah


Ok, juskawaime is ready to travel! Anyone sponsoring?? (=

Not to forget the new friends I be-friend with today good :

  • Janice & Eryn from Benefit cosmetic counter @ C.K. Tang (sweet ladies)
  • PeiPei from SolMart @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (friendly and chatty lady- she wants to travel to Sydney with me! haha)
  • Eddy Tan from Maze Leather Goods @ City Plaza (humorous and nice boss)

Oh.. tell u something… the old neighbour of Eddy (who happened to be at his shop, waiting for Arnold’s chicken too)  is quite handsome.. aww  hihi

K800i or 6300

22 07 2007

juskawaime is contemplating which handphone to buy..

I am thinking if I should switch from Nokia…. to… Sony Ericsson.. (Coz most of my hps are Nokia).. I used to be pro-Nokia (maybe still now). No matter how shop owners or sales persons or friends tried to sell me other phones other than Nokia, I used to be skeptical.. I am a rather safe and conservative mode in choosing hp model.. so I always stick to Nokia..

My last hp is nokia 6230i.

What I want from a HP:

  • Camera
  • Loudspeaker
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio
  • Voice recorder
  • Support chinese
  • Playlist
  • mass sms
  • Voice recorder
  • 3G
  • prefer candy-bar hp (all my phones are candy-bar type)

I was initially looking at nokia models E65, N73, N80, N76, 6110 navi , 6300, 6288.. But I slowly began to accept other models like Sony Ericsson, Samsung within these few days.. I quite like my colleague’s sony ericsson W850i (white colour) — nice .. And I also like Jo’s K800i..

So finally choice is narrowed down to E65, N73, 6288, W850i & K800i.. and after a visit to Singtel’s shop last Friday.. here is my then conclusion:

  • E65 – Wifi – good! But no radio – I feel I’ll prefer radio.. And i was wondering whether I will really use the Wifi..
  • 6288 – value for $! Sliding fone, not so fond.. And it is also an old model – plus look like 6280 – just like my 6230i looks like 6230, so pple will say it is old model..
  • N73 – used to be my fav (coz I cannot afford N95). But I heard it always hang .. and many other unfavourable stories abt it.. so decide not to risk..
  • W850i – really good… walkman hp.. so sound is very good.. 1GB memory (nice) but sliding fone too.. 2MB camera and it is Sony Ericsson.. should I?
  • K800i – good review.. value for money.. Candybar hp.. 3.2MB camera (got flash somemore!) , radio, playlist (sound should not be that bad), 64mb internal memory plus 64mb external card (value for $)

Played around with Jo’s K800i on Friday.. and have ‘physco’ myself that it is indeed a good phone.. The issue of not-used-to-features-of-not-Nokia-phones can be tackled coz it is a matter of used-to-it.. Sony ericsson HP is not so difficult to used actually..

So eventually Sony ericsson K800i won!

But saw and played with Senorita-e’s nokia 6300 on saturday – I realized it is indeed quite good! Sleek, and have radio as well.. fits most of the criteria I want for hp.. but it is not 3G. But I guess I dun really use 3G much since I dun frequent travel to Korea and Japan (I have not been to these 2 countries also anyway.. haha) and it is nokia.. haha

Senorita-e’s 6300 and Jo’s K800i


So which one should I take?

Hmm.. i guess the answer will be out soon..