K800i or 6300

22 07 2007

juskawaime is contemplating which handphone to buy..

I am thinking if I should switch from Nokia…. to… Sony Ericsson.. (Coz most of my hps are Nokia).. I used to be pro-Nokia (maybe still now). No matter how shop owners or sales persons or friends tried to sell me other phones other than Nokia, I used to be skeptical.. I am a rather safe and conservative mode in choosing hp model.. so I always stick to Nokia..

My last hp is nokia 6230i.

What I want from a HP:

  • Camera
  • Loudspeaker
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio
  • Voice recorder
  • Support chinese
  • Playlist
  • mass sms
  • Voice recorder
  • 3G
  • prefer candy-bar hp (all my phones are candy-bar type)

I was initially looking at nokia models E65, N73, N80, N76, 6110 navi , 6300, 6288.. But I slowly began to accept other models like Sony Ericsson, Samsung within these few days.. I quite like my colleague’s sony ericsson W850i (white colour) — nice .. And I also like Jo’s K800i..

So finally choice is narrowed down to E65, N73, 6288, W850i & K800i.. and after a visit to Singtel’s shop last Friday.. here is my then conclusion:

  • E65 – Wifi – good! But no radio – I feel I’ll prefer radio.. And i was wondering whether I will really use the Wifi..
  • 6288 – value for $! Sliding fone, not so fond.. And it is also an old model – plus look like 6280 – just like my 6230i looks like 6230, so pple will say it is old model..
  • N73 – used to be my fav (coz I cannot afford N95). But I heard it always hang .. and many other unfavourable stories abt it.. so decide not to risk..
  • W850i – really good… walkman hp.. so sound is very good.. 1GB memory (nice) but sliding fone too.. 2MB camera and it is Sony Ericsson.. should I?
  • K800i – good review.. value for money.. Candybar hp.. 3.2MB camera (got flash somemore!) , radio, playlist (sound should not be that bad), 64mb internal memory plus 64mb external card (value for $)

Played around with Jo’s K800i on Friday.. and have ‘physco’ myself that it is indeed a good phone.. The issue of not-used-to-features-of-not-Nokia-phones can be tackled coz it is a matter of used-to-it.. Sony ericsson HP is not so difficult to used actually..

So eventually Sony ericsson K800i won!

But saw and played with Senorita-e’s nokia 6300 on saturday – I realized it is indeed quite good! Sleek, and have radio as well.. fits most of the criteria I want for hp.. but it is not 3G. But I guess I dun really use 3G much since I dun frequent travel to Korea and Japan (I have not been to these 2 countries also anyway.. haha) and it is nokia.. haha

Senorita-e’s 6300 and Jo’s K800i


So which one should I take?

Hmm.. i guess the answer will be out soon..



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