23 07 2007

Remember I have shared that I bought this dr. feelgood from CKTang last sat?


It seems that the make-up artist from Sg – Andy Lee also likes it.. I have recently came across his blog, enjoyed what he shared in his blog…. cosmetic tips.. Will be checking out some of what he shares..

Abt this benefit, he shared in his blog that he also bought the 4 items below in his trip to USA.

Some of HOT STUFFS..

“Some kind-a gorgeous”-for the gal on the go who wants record-breaking gorgeous skin without the fuss of foundation.The cream-to-powder formula fakes foundation for complexion perfection without the heavy feel of makeup.

“Dr. feelgood”- Desire matte,smooth skin? The doctor is in! This velvety complexion balm slips over bare skin or makeup to mattify skin reduce the appearance of fine lines & pores.Loated with vitamin C & E.

“Benetint”-  It’s the original & consistenly voted the most popular rose-tinted cheek & lip stain around. It’s kiss-proof & waterproof.

“body so fine”- This is a smooth & shimmering pink balm sinfully polishes your legs,arms & all over your body!

benefit is now available in TANGS Orchard… I bought dr. feelgood for $60 there.. only to find out that there is online sale as well.. and it is cheaper! *sianz*  Abt US$26/-  So if you really like it,  perhaps buy online. International shipping is FREE and available for any purchase above US$85…

Hmm.. perhaps I will consider to buy these 2 first before I check out others.. hehe

some kind-a gorgeous
some kind-a gorgeous


Why sheercover does not offer international shipping??? sobs  Anyone going to USA?? rolleyes



One response

25 07 2007
ee lynn

hey! do try the benetint .. i bot it and using it now .. and of cos loving it! 🙂

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