Life ..

30 08 2007


What is life all about…….?

Life’s all about living the one moment that takes one’s breathe away .

life swimming

juskawaime saw this foto and phrase in the profile foto of one of the friendster’s members.. so sharing it with you.. sunglasses

Brand new day

29 08 2007

Are you having a rough day?

The beauty of Sunset 

Just take it that you had come to the end of the day.
Look back at what you had achieve for the day…
Admire the Beauty of Sunset.
Recharged and get ready for the start of a brand new day tomorrow.

By Dasmondkoh

1st SS elimination – Result

29 08 2007

Result was out for the 1st SS elimination

I have guessed the top 3 correctly! *by luck*

1st Elimination

Results for the night (See more)

Round 1 [(Image 25%)]
Top 3 (in order): Kola Zhou, Jeneen Goh, Priscilla Pan

Round 2 [(Image 25%)+(Talent 25%)]
Top 3 (in order): Jeneen Goh, Kola Zhou, Celia Pan

Overall [(Image 25%)+(Talent 25%) + (Acting 50%)]
Top 3 (in order): Celia Pan, Kola Zhou, Jeneen Goh

Congrats ladies.. =)

Campus Super Star 2

28 08 2007

Finally .. it is the final of Campus SuperStar 2 on saturday 25-08-07

Did not really follow up this Campus Super Star 2 .. but managed to watch it here and there.. and also the final show.. the contest between 2 female & 2 male contestants. Firstly 2 female compete and the female winner will compete with the male winner, and finally merge the champion..

Keely + Zhengning + Shawn + Benjamin


Keely performed well.. And I like her… Her smile is very sweet, have noticed her since the beginning of this show (There are a few I noticed, like teri, joanne plus the handsome Javin from NYJC). So I was glad that she was one of the finalist. Preferred her from ZhenNing.. and indeed she performed better and won! *Yeah*

Though this 13-year-old contestant, Shawn, is cute.. I felt Benjamin performed much better that nite.. And Benjamin looks cute, charming and handsome too.. But too bad, Shawn is the male winner.

Keely was very sweet in her duet with last Campus Super Star ..


Was hoping that Keely will win.. Ehh I got sent sms to vote for Keely lehh… only her…. But alaasss… Shawn won.. *shaking head*

Oh well… this is life…

SS 1st elimination

28 08 2007

Though glamourous, but such competition comes with a price.. Reality is cruel.. Out of 20, there will be only 6 left in the end to compete in the final. From now till final will be the elimination rounds. Each time 5 contestants – 2 kicked out. Eventually left 12. From 12 to final 6.

5 of the female Star Search contestants are going to perform and compete tonight.. and 2 of them will be kicked out (eliminated) from today’s competition.. Those overseas contestants will then have to return back to their hometown.. Stiff competition!!

Today’s the first elimination round .. with F1 Tracy Yap, F2 Celia Pan, F3 Kola Zhou, F4 Priscilla Pan and F5 Jeneen Goh. The girls will be judged on their image (25%), talent performance (25%) and acting skills (50%).

F1 - F5

All the best ladies.. All depend on the actual day’s performances and luck. Anyway, just enjoy the process .. after all, u are all the best already! At least, juskawaime never had the courage to sign up for Star Search.. and will never qualify anyway.. let alone to merge top 20!! haha *smirk* =p

Thanx to youtube.. I think I should be able to view their performances… even though i’m going to miss it (coz of class).. Jia you ladies..

Presenting F1 – F5



Based on brief impression, my choice (in order) : F3 Zhou Ying, F2 Celia, F5 Jeneen, F4 Pei Yun, F1 Tracy


27 08 2007

Being sick is bad…

Being sick with family far way is worse ….


I miss my mummy, daddy…. *sobs*

Star Search Website

27 08 2007

Have missed Jackson‘s first performance last Tuesday (21st Aug 2007) as I had my first EM class. Jackson’s parents, aunties, uncles, friends, Jo and Senorita-e had attended the live performance in the mediacorp studio, while I had to miss such chance for my EM class..  And much worse, the class lesson was very stressed ..  *GOSH* How I wished I am enjoying the performances (happy) rather than attending classes (Stressed).. But no such fat chance as this will continue on till end of Oct.. *sigh*  .. sianz

Will also have difficulty in watching the Star Search either in TV or in real-life .. will want to know and follow the progress of the Star Search..  Luckily, mediacorp has created such an interactive website.. lots of info inside.. and those who are overseas can even view the performances live on web. Ur lucky!! I am not!! Can mediacorp also record the performances and upload in the web as well? Coz I have class … *sobs* Or someone be kind to record the star search performances every Tues nite and let me watch?? *pleasseeee..* Jo said that Jackson’s daily-life feature shown on the first performance is very good.. I wanna watched too!!! *sigh* I also wanna watched Jackson’s dancing…. *sulking*

Anyway there is this video special section, enjoyed  the “The most memorable part of the training…” which featured Jackson during the 1st show.. And also “The Top 20 is born!” – quite refreshing.. =) Go and see!!

The Star Search Official Website is up.. Quite impressive..


And come here and view Jackson’s profile and video ..  His “Self-Intro” and “Show & Tell” video.. Can put in comments on his profile to support him.. Jia you Jackson! =D