6 08 2007

One more down.. good

*Yeah Yeah Yeah*

Hippie Yeah Hippie Hippie Yeah…

Left one tomorow..

Taking a break now.. before I plunge into my marathon studying again..

Almost used up 2 booklets for this exam for the 4Qs (Choose 4 out 7 Qs). Qs are, luckily, quite straight-foward, spot some correct topics Haha =p 

If nothing goes wrong, I hope *cross fingers* I can score A for my Advertising – Mass Comm exam today.. *yeah*

Now, hopefully everything will also turn well or better tomorrow for my Print Media – Mass Comm exam …

All the more I want to score well for my favourite teacher!! =)

Thank you Lord for the clear mind to be able to answer most of the exams today. Thank you for the hands that wrote the answers, thank you for the eyes to read the questions, thank you for the brain that think of the answer in admist of cluttered info..

God bless me with same clear mind to be able to answer all the exams qs correctly tomorrow.




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