26 08 2007

house of harmony

Though I’m an avid tv viewer, it is also my first time I glued myself to ARTS Central watching the FILMART – Spirit of Singapore. Not that I’m becoming more artistic, it is just that this HOUSE OF HARMONY film features Fann Wong, as well as Maggie Q. Not bad! =) And for those who missed it, you can still view it tomorrow nite PART II. No more Fann Wong though, only Maggie Q left who falls in love with an ‘Ang Mo’ who is supposedly her half-bro (no blood-related though) …. but I think there will more conflicts in part II tomorrow as his mum is against of this relationship, plus at that time, Asian+Western relationship is not accepted in the society.. His mum will hate Harmony (acted by Maggie Q), coz she is also the daughter of her husband and another woman – Meiling (acted by Fann Wong) while he was in Singapore.

So tomorrow (27th Aug) same time 9pm at Art Central, stay tuned… I will.. widegrin

No prize in knowing who is juskawaime‘s fav idol … winkp


house of harmony  

26 August 2007, 9pm (Sunday)
– PART 1
27 August 2007, 9pm (Monday) – PART 2

The House of Harmony is a lavish adaptation of Barbara Woods’ best selling novel, set in the 1920s and 1950s between Singapore and Los Angeles. This is a bittersweet story that spans over three decades and two generations of love lost and found. The courageous heroines triumph over aged old traditions, racial prejudices and families’ rejection and sacrifice everything to be with the men they love.  Their turbulent love stories, ignites revenge, anger and betrayal until the sizzling climax when family secrets are revealed and relationships tested. Will the heroines finally be reunited with the men they love and true love triumph?

Starring: Fann Wong, Maggie




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