SS Roadshow at PS

27 08 2007

Have attended Star Search Top 20 first outdoor activity in Plaza Singapura on 18-08-07 with Jo and Jackson’s mum..

Taken after the Roadshow – proof of ‘been there’ =p

Me at Roadshow

Yeah we are like fans, squeezing in between other fans.. Wah.. it is as if like I am going for my Fann Wong’s or Ekin Cheng’s or Jerry Yan’s meeting-fans-session.. Haha Yeah we were unprepared as compared to others who bring posters, whistles .. GOSSHH..

Many posters seen here


Before the show starts, we tried to find a good spot. This contestant has practically all her extended family members there.. we tried to squeeze in or practically I pushed aunty Suz to the front.. into the ‘terittory’ of this contestant’s family.. They somehow made a bit of noise like saying they still got people coming.. The whole damn place/area is like ‘chopped’ for them… Cheyy… I just acted ignorance, pretend never really notice.. aunty too… haha and slowly.. aunty also v smart.. she managed to squeeze to the front row somemore! *thumb up* Slowly slowly Jo also followed suit.. and lastly me! Soon three of us were there in the front row.. *Yuhuuu*


Few funny/interesting encounters:


Jo met a friend (JC Classmate?) over there who shared that he was there to support his gf’s sister .. And the sister happened to be contestant Jeneen Goh! So I met face-to-face with the author of this blog that I came across before. Didn’t really know her face coz she didn’t feature in her blog.

She shared that in her blog abt her sister – Jeneen – sometimes ago.. I happened to browse her website coz of the a link from blinkymummy‘s entry on Champion.. It seems they are friends.. Haha small world..  I was excited when I clarified with her whether she is Miss Ene – haha funny me.. She seemed shocked at my action.. silly me.. *grin*  She blog on our encounter in her recent entry!  =p


There was this funny guy who keep on putting his hands up with some cross actions or V..  See Miss Ene’s entry, she has a video clip of Jeneen’s interview that day. From there, u can see this funny guy.. u will not missed it!! Gosh!! I was like looking at him and thinking why did he behave such way…. -____-” 


Anyway finally waiting waiting for Jackson to come… coz the contestants all come in a batch of 4, and each time there were interviews as well as games.. Some games are also very lame.. I think they should think of better games in future..  playing games with contestants’ butts facing audiences.. how interesting….. *yawnn*  I only felt the guessing-words-from-body-action is the best.. at least the contestants get to do some action, and from there, audiences can felt connected with them…

Well Jackson did well with his interview.. and the host – Liyi mentioned abt his name Sia Chong is very easy to remember like a hero .. hehe.. Also noticed his partner Mei Leng looked not bad at all!! Her official foto doesn’t do her justice men!!

Lee Mei Leng + Jackson Tan Sia Chong + Xu Qi

meileng jackson

And finally at the end, the 20 contestants were brought up the stage again…  And they posed together for us to take foto of them.. Tried to take a good shot with Jackson looking at our direction… But alas, Jackson didn’t.. So ‘out-of-desperation’, I called out Jackson name “Jackson 看这边” .. haha .. maybe it is too loud.. I got the attention of the rests of the guy contestants as well .. coz they seemed to be all looking at me… Well at least – mission accomplished! =p


Jackson didn’t forget to pose for me again at the end.. haha


Oh.. after roadshow ended, managed to take foto with the host – Xu Qi

Me + Xu Qi

See more fotos taken on that day =D




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