1 09 2007

Maybe some people are meant as jerk in the first place..

Was contemplating whether I should write this entry.. but I guess there is nothing wrong with sharing this info..

It turned out that the jerk has msg my gf in friendster and wanting to be-friend her.. and was openly stating that he was looking for gf….. KNN… and you know what was the date that the msg was received?? 19th June 2007!!  *GOSH* a day before my birthday..  Want to ‘pingsan’ (faint)…  -___-”

– enough said –

To gf: If ur looking at this, I never blame you.. I was the one who forward his profile for you to see.. And it is his problem to send msg to all female who read his profile… I am thankful that you shared this news with me.. Love you still! *muack*




One response

5 09 2007

PLayboys usually got a file like resume de. They type everything mushy and nice nice then mass send to every pretty girl they see online in Friendster. Most act no girl friend at all, then want to befriend the girl and chat on MSN, then ask her out then ask her to be girlfriend straight le…. PRetty boring strategy.

for those who they want to bed straight one, they will throw in some expensive gift plus candlelight dinner or flowers for first impression. then if got cars, they tend to drive the girls to some desert places .

keke.. experiences gained when I helped my friend to catch her bf eating outside. ^^

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