Old ‘friends’

2 09 2007

It’s great to meet up with old friends.. esp friends whom u dun really know (or have the chance/opportunity to know more) then…

I am referring to my secondary schoolmates….

watermelon love

Some of the classmates of 4/2 & 4/3 were having a gathering at Korean BBQ (@YeSS Centre) last Friday, Jo ‘jo’ me along.. And I went to this place after much effort (it is really like .. qianxinwanku, pasanseshui..) As I was late, most of them have finished dining.. but lucky me still managed to grab some food to satisfy my stomach..

Korean BBQ

But it can be quite interesting to know that 11yrs ago, we all did not really talk to each other…. We may just know each other’s presence only….. & for some, I didn’t even seen them for 11yrs as well…. But coz from Jo, I get re-united and ‘make friends’ with them once again..  Thank you for the ‘2nd chance’! good

The beauties

The beauties

How come juskawaime is not in the foto? *sobs* sobs

Viewing 1st SS elimination round

2 09 2007

It is out in youtube..

Yes.. the first SS elimination round …

All thanx to ‘keriiner’.

If link above does not work, u can search for “280807 才华横溢出新秀 star search 07

Regarding me guessing the results, after viewing the shows, I am more affirmed of it..

For the image round, I like Celia’s image (很亮丽!)

For the talent round, I like Jeneen’s piano performance. Kola’s singing & facial expression are also not bad..  (Jeneen’s facial expression shows how she’s enjoying it – even though she could be very nervous!! I think there may even be some wrong note played.. but not noticeable.. coz we, the audience or judges, r not music expert! This also shows ur performance may not be perfect, but u must act as if ur v confident & enjoying urself & everything is in order – BEST!! Well done, Jeneen… I even more admire ur piano performance after knowing ur experience)


However I think Tracy’s taekwando show was quite a disastrous.. (Maybe such performance is not easy to excel in this kind of competition.. & pple may not be able to appreciate all these kickings… even though she is a Black belt – dun play play leh..).. Patricia’s Priscilla’s 2 pearl necklaces were also a distraction to her dancing (she should opt for a short one) ..

As for the acting skills, I enjoy Celia’s performance (action, words, voice, facial) best.. Next is Kola.. Her role is ‘rough’ (粗鲁)& always complaining, but she managed to perform it just nice.. Not making pple feel revolted, yet bringing out her character role. Good. Followed by Tracy (Her interaction with Huang Hui was good!). Jeneen’s voice sounds like “Jing Jing” (of Holland V 《荷兰村》) & at first, I thought I saw Jing Jing performing..

Overall, the whole coordination & show are good. Well done, ladies!


As for the result, at least I’m glad that there are 2 judges who are experienced and 有眼见. At least, Guo Ling Song is. She has created lots of stars & produced lots of wonderful dramas for us…

Kok Len Shoong – Senior Vice President (Chinese Drama Productions)

Alex Man – Golden Horse Best Actor Award winner and veteran Hong Kong actor

Lang Zhuyun – Acclaimed Taiwanese television/screen/stage actress-host; The 43 rd Golden Horse awards judge member

郭令送 – 华文戏剧制作部 高级副总裁   
万梓良 – 金马奖影帝、资深艺人
郎祖筠 -台湾电视电影舞台剧综艺节目著名艺人、第 43 届金马奖评审成员

But I dunno what was Wan Zhi Liang (Alex Man) doing the whole night? juskawaime also likes takin foto, but if I am one of the judge (will there be such days? Hmm.. Oh well…. *shrug*..), I will concentrate fully on the stage and give constructive feedbacks..  *shaking head* … really dun understand…. just like I dun understand the cast members & story for “Golden pillow”… how can he be revolved around 2 ladies (阿姐) somemore..

So sometimes if the good ones do not get in.. dun be surprised.. And this makes up “What Life is” sometimes… 

This blog entry…. very bad.. but … juskawaime likes……  hihi


View the exclusive backstage video too