Old ‘friends’

2 09 2007

It’s great to meet up with old friends.. esp friends whom u dun really know (or have the chance/opportunity to know more) then…

I am referring to my secondary schoolmates….

watermelon love

Some of the classmates of 4/2 & 4/3 were having a gathering at Korean BBQ (@YeSS Centre) last Friday, Jo ‘jo’ me along.. And I went to this place after much effort (it is really like .. qianxinwanku, pasanseshui..) As I was late, most of them have finished dining.. but lucky me still managed to grab some food to satisfy my stomach..

Korean BBQ

But it can be quite interesting to know that 11yrs ago, we all did not really talk to each other…. We may just know each other’s presence only….. & for some, I didn’t even seen them for 11yrs as well…. But coz from Jo, I get re-united and ‘make friends’ with them once again..  Thank you for the ‘2nd chance’! good

The beauties

The beauties

How come juskawaime is not in the foto? *sobs* sobs




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