SS 2nd elimination

3 09 2007

With the ladies’ first elimination round, this week we will witness the Guys’ first SS elimination.

A Hooligan, a Hen-pecked Hubby, a Cynic, a Mummy’s Boy and a Rich Heir – that’s what you’ll get when the guys take to the stage on Tuesday Sept 4 for Star Seach 2007! Setting will be bustling Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s.

Likewise, the first five guys – M1 Chang Haoyi, M2 Marcus Chang, M3 Reeve Huan, M4 Jerry Yeo and M5 Andie Chen – will be judged on their image (25%), their talent performance (25%) and acting skills (50%).

The Performers

2nd elimination

In the skit, Haoyi will play a mummy’s boy; Marcus a righteous hooligan, Reeve a cynical artist; Jerry a hen-pecked husband and Andie a rich heir.

View their interview video here


This time round, it is much more difficult for me to guess the top 3 winners.. unlike the ladies’ first round. Maybe then is more obvious.. coz of woman can see woman better?? Haha Or maybe I tend to concentrate more on the Guys’ 2nd elimination..

Competition is sometimes not fair.. Not everyone suits the image of Shanghai oldies.. That is life!! Anyway all will also depend on the actual day’s performances and luck – Good luck guys!! =D

Presenting M1 to M5


Anyway just for the sake of guessing.. and based on brief impression, my choice (in order) : M3 Reeve Huan, M1 Chang Haoyi, M5 Andie Chen, M2 Marcus Chang, M4 Jerry Yeo




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