6 09 2007

Will be having training for 3 days (Wed – Friday)

Wed is my first day of training.. never expecting much from training.. instead of the usual just sit-back-and-relax-and-enjoy-lesson/class…

To my delight, this training lesson proved to be much interesting, applicable in our daily life.. – Eradicating problems and making effective solutions.. Isn’t this what we have been doing consciously and unconsciously day in day out..? At home or at work, be it personal issues or nation’s issues..

And I tell u.. it is not that easy as in.. oh.. find the problems lor.. and mini-myini-mini-moh… choose either one solution.. NOOO! there are lots of ‘education’ (学问) and insight in it, men!!

We used 2 case studies to help & apply the theory of problem-solving method into actual evaluation.. And I managed to ‘guess’ the actual culprit that caused the problem in case II good  .. Wohooo….*feeling proud*… hihi it is like playing detective! Frustrating.. yes! Fun… Yes Yes!!

In fact, juskawaime is facing some ‘buggy’ (problematic) situation at work too! Like things seem not working.. narrowing down to possible root-causes… seems that everything is supported by some evidences to prove they r working fine… *sigh* .. so what… A is fine. B is fine. C is fine.. But ABC is not fine… and juskawaime is not fine either… ={ err

See if I can apply this approach that I learn in training in my actual situation next Monday… and who knows by placing all the info into the worksheet..maybe we can see the problems clearer…. *pray hard*

Looking forward to thurs and Fri class.. absorb new info… *yeah* love




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