The unaging immortal

7 09 2007

Remember I mentioned abt Jackson’s interview regarding his childhood in Chinese, well.. the english write-up is out! Hot from oven! =D

[extracted from website]

Jackson sharing his childhood fotos


M8 Tan Sia Chong Jackson, born 1984

While showing me his photos, Jackson turned to me sheepishly and asked, “I have an old face right?” Short of saying the obvious and hurting the sweet guy’s ego, I reassured him that on the flipside, he would look just as good when he was 50.

Indeed, it was like watching an episode of The X Files when we fingered through the photos; Jackson looking exactly the same, face and in size, when he was 12, 16, 18 and now 23. He could very well be some unaging immortal who had infiltrated into small Singapore.


And it has extra fotos attached…

Linds + Jackson + deep-sixed

Jackson celebrating his 22nd birthday with Linds & deep-sixed

Ehh.. actually you three look the same then, compared to now lehh… o_O

OOppss.. I realized .. this foto was taken in year 2006 hor.. not very long lar.. no wonder the same.. *hiak hiak* =p

I thought it is ‘maciam’ 5yrs ago.. *hohoho*


Now watch him talk about it!

Being made fun of for being tall
Having my birthday during LNY… so sad!
Most memorable childhood memory
Man? It starts from young!


7 09 2007


Viewing 2nd SS elimination round

7 09 2007

Viewing the 2nd SS from youtube once again..

Do a search on”040907 才华横溢出新秀 star search 07″

Round 1 [(Image 25%)]
Top 3 (in order): M3 Reeve Huan, M5 Andie Chen, M4 Jerry Yeo, M1, M2

Round 2 [(Image 25%)+(Talent 25%)]
Top 3 (in order): M5 Andie Chen, M3 Reeve Huan, M1 Chang Haoyi, M4, M2

Overall [(Image 25%)+(Talent 25%) + (Acting 50%)]
Top 3 (in order): M1 Chang Haoyi, M5 Andie Chen, M4 Jerry Yeo, M3, M2

Likes Weilie’s smile (mesmerizing – maybe coz of the dimple?) and Andie’s style in the Image & talent rounds.. The talent performance seemed so so.. except Haoyi’s smile is so cute and Andie’s dance is entertaining.. 3-in-1 dance.. juskawaime is attracted by smile!


As for the performance, Weilie’s performance as henpeck person was the best. Haoyi’s acting as kid – ok lar.. but perhaps this role matches his image.. I was wondering perhaps if it is other role, he may not have perform well.. It is also a pity that Marcus was unable to stand-out in the act. He also did lots of mumbling in the show (unable to grasp what he was saying..) Reeve’s performance seemed so so as well..

juskawaime likes when:

  1. Andie attempted to jump down from the window, yet realized that it is a impossible mission.. His facial expression very real and comical.. Heard some laughter among audience as well..
  2. Andie was praising Haoyi having good memory can remember the ticket was on Weilie’s hand back then.. Haoyi was all smile.. and this smile was disrupted suddenly when Andie said, “so since ur memory is soo good, u should remember I’m here for the rent $$!!” – haha

Sometimes marks can be just a few pts difference.. and no matter what, there must be 2 guys to be eliminated.. Congratulation to the guys that make it to the top12!