JJ – Japanese & Jo

8 09 2007

Actually it was Jo who proposed to take this JLPT this year.. So I should thanx Jo for pushing us ahead …to a higher step….

Since JLPT application needs 2 fotos.. Jo took those instant fotos from Somesert MRT – 4 pieces .. I requested one foto from her since there are 2 extra left.. (juskawaime loves collecting fotos) and you know what she said…???

“These 2 extra fotos are for next year… to submit for JLPT3 application form!!”

WAHH… I was taken back.. I’m impressed… *applause pls*… coz Jo is always the one who complains why she is in this Jap class where she always got headache whenever she faced those hiragana, katagana, kanji…

She wanted to give up the test in first semester, she was contemplating to give up Jap class then. What for put urself into such ‘suffering’ and ‘stressing’ situation.. after all, there are already much pressure in work.. u dun need more! But she persevered and scored more than 90 marks in her 1st semester test. That was incredible if you have seen how Jo was faring initially in our usual class dictation.. Sometimes she dun even dare to pass up her ‘almost’ blank paper to sensei (teacher in jap), coz she was afraid that it will hurt sensei so much that she has such a poorly performed student.. She does not want to disappoint sensei..


We memorized, we revised, we practiced, we studied for exams… and she scored well again for the 2nd semester test….

We didn’t really target in taking JLPT this year, and plus I dun want to further pressurize Jo further and making her all stressed up and hysterical.. And plus I have my mass comm exams to worry… We may have thought taking JLPT4 or JLPT3 next year if we are still further progressing to intermediate class next year..

But 2 weeks ago, we noticed one of our classmate was taking the application form and intending to take the JLPT4.. We were also inspired to do so.. and plus all the JLPT exams (4/3/2/1) fall on the same day.. there is no such thing like u wanna take JLPT4 & JLPT3 in the same year.. So Jo visualized this scenario if we fail JLPT3 next year, we may have to wait for another year to re-take JLPT3.. and we do not even have JLPT4 pass! She said since she ‘sufferred’ so much, might as well… go all the way out (豁出去) for JLPT4 pass this year.. If not, all ‘sufferring’ wasted in vain.. haha

So u know the rest of the story lar…

This makes me appreciate this phrase.. 梅花经过极冷的天气后才会盛开




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