Cereal – my fav

9 09 2007

juskawaime loves cereal nowadays…

My latest love…


Am trying POST too…

Will try others gradually as well….. Any good recommendations???

Risk game

9 09 2007

What do you normally do for a gathering?

We, JC girls, will normally either meet up for meal, ktv, sometime for some sports.. Ahem.. But we dun normally go for sports i think.. seems like we dun really like sports or have some common sports.. but from what I recalled, we have tried badminton, roller-blading, cycling.. As for ktv, we used to love patronizing the ktv.. but as we grow older, we didn’t really go anymore.. or not as frequent anymore… dunno why.. As for food, we love to go for one place to eat, then another place for drinks/supper.. (i really think there is not much place we can go huh!) until I cannot tahan.. coz all the food will grow on my body and not on them! *GOSH*

Our girls dun really go for clubbing or pubbing and we are not so adventurous as well..to try out lots of things or places or activities… So when Jen got married and had a flat on her own.. we started to have gathering at her place.. Be it last Christmas, last New Year…. and it become frequent when Jen also got the majong table at her place.. *YEAH*

White majong set game


We had another gathering at Jen’s place last month [18.08.2007], and we had potluck! There are lots of yummy food, dun look a lot, but boy, I was stuffed!! We had …

Beehun made by Ann’s mum

beehun from Ann

Sakai Sushi

sakai sushi

Roast Honey-baked & Black pepper Chicken from Carrefour – My contribution v(^_^)v


We also had satay, otah, cake, chips, bubble tea, red-wine, beer… hahaa.. Yummy – Great!!

And our activites include home-karaoke (Yes, Jen’s hubby LX has upgraded their system to support ktv session at home), majong and RISK game..

Yes it appeared that there is a RISK board game lying in the house, and since I read Shirley’s blog of their recent home game, I suggested they (the other 4 who have nothing to do, since ktv is hazard coz it is midnight.. hazard coz police will come!!) play Risk game.. But luckily I was NOT the group playing the RISK game leh.. coz I dunno how my mind will operate at such ‘difficult’ game at such ‘challenging’ time…

The 4 lady-warriors in RISK game

the 4 warriors

Something hilarious happened at night.. where people started to behave weirdly? Haha

Quoted from Shirley’s blog:

“I think some of us are starting to behave weirdly at around 3.30am. For the risk group, we had some spicy nachos for snack. Jen was eating happily away while throwing her dices when HJ say, ‘Why you eat nachos until like that! You made a mess on the floor already….’

I stared at the floor… wah… HJ really has perfect eyesight. She could see crumbs of nachos which my naked eyes can’t see. Jen stared at HJ and Ann, innocently enough, said, ‘errr…… those are orange soldiers…!!’

Wah LAU, every girl almost flipped onto the floor!!”

Can you see the difference?? Will you have made the same mistake by HJ? *wink*

The orange chips & orange soldiers

the chips - no the soldiers

This is funny!!! Anyway the spicy Nacho chips are really delicious too!! =D

Ok, guess who won this difficult game..??

It is Ann who won!! The ‘blur’ girl, who normally ‘switched off’ at midnight and go ZZZ, CAN think and win the game!! haha commendable!!

Ann – the Queen of Risk game!

Ann & risk game