SS 4th elimination

18 09 2007

The round that I have been looking forward to…

The entry ticket to the next level of elimination round….

Of course, I am supporting M8 Jackson Tan Sia Chong… a never wavering support for my buddy’s bro whom I regard just like my own bro..

Jackson Jackson

Jia you *Clapz Clapz Clapz*

Jia you *Clapz Clapz Clapz*

Jia you *Clapz Clapz Clapz*

And just like what I’ve shared before.. all 5 have chance!! And all depends on the actual day performances of the contestants.. so most impt thing is smile, relax, enjoy and deliever!

As for others, my guess go to M9 Lin Kelun and M6 Desmond Tan

But… there is likely M7 Chang Hao Ying may emerged as top 3 coz his twin bro is already in..

Presenting M6 to M10

M6 to M10



Jackson, though we cannot be there physically for you, but pls know these bunch of sisters are always there supporting you.. love No matter what, you are already our *STAR*!! good good

SHOW THEM THE POWER!!!!!! WooHooo.. yeahyeah

finding something.. losing another..

18 09 2007

When I found my right hand,I realised that my left hand was lost…when I found my left leg,I realised that my right leg was gone..till I finally found my right leg,I realised that my left hand went missing again.After I found my left hand..alas,I misplaced my brain..till I found my brain,everything were not in place….I’ve been searching around…finally I’ve found them all.But,I felt that something was still missing…was pondering and wandering…for a long long time…then I realised my heart IS gone…………..where did I place it?

Extracted from a profile