He is in!

19 09 2007

Yes.. 3 happy things today.. (I meant yesterday 18-08-07 coz now it is 12.36am already)

  1. The bug/problem that we have been debugging in office for abt 3 weeks.. seems to be solved!!! Yippiee
  2. I am finally beginning to understand and follow my EM class ..Teacher use a slightly different approach for today (last week also – I’ve heard from a coursemate, but I was on MC last week).. He slower his pace, get more organized in lecturing and not flying all over.. I am beginning to see some “light”…Yippiee.. Yippiee
  3. JACKSON has entered the Semi Final!! Yeah.. he was the top 3 for today’s Star Search 4th Elimination. Yippiee.. Yippiee.. Yippiee

I was in class .. but my mind pondered at the clock during break-time.. thinking what is the result now. At that time was 8.30pm.. The 2 first segments should have finished.. I wanna know what was the progress and the results of 2 first segments.. But I dunno who to call.. dunno who was at home watching.. so I just sms Auntie (Jackson’s mum) to ask her what is the progress..

And at 9.11pm, I received the magic sms – “他进入半决赛了

WOoooHOOooo yeahyeah

Congratulation Jackson!! 再接再励!

Cannot wait till the show is being uploaded .. excited to see SS esp this round .. Good news is at least for now, I got some inside info from deep-sixed. Will wait patiently for the SS blogger and the youtube upload for next few days..

Jackson’s Acting Segment – An Editor in a Publishing Firm Set In the 50s

Jackson’s Acting Segment

Those got in this round:

  1. M6 Desmond Tan
  2. M8 Jackson Tan Sia Chong
  3. M7 Chang Hao Ying

Congrats guys!! 继续加油!!




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