Viewing 4th SS elimination round

20 09 2007

Yes .. it is out in youtube!

Just do a search on “180907 才华横溢出新秀 star search 07” if the above link does not work.

Round 1 [(Image 25%)]
Top 3 (in order): M6 Desmond Tan, M8 Jackson Tan, M7 Chang Hao Ying, M10, M9

Round 2 [(Image 25%)+(Talent 25%)]
Top 3 (in order): M6 Desmond Tan, M7 Chang Hao Ying, M8 Jackson Tan, M10, M9

Overall [(Image 25%)+(Talent 25%) + (Acting 50%)]
Top 3 (in order): M6 Desmond Tan, M8 Jackson Tan, M7 Chang Hao Ying

For image round, you can see from the height and build.. M6, M7 and M8 have obviously much edges over M9 and M10. juskawaime likes tall guys. I also like M7 Hao Ying ‘s confidence, fun way of dancing to the mic…I am not sure what happened to M9 Lin Kelun – seems not to be himself.. or he was nervous (stage-fright) ? Or perhaps he is better with small scale of performance and people.. more at ease and thus the charms developed and grown the people surrounding him..

Jackson’s intro – very ‘cheem’ (profound) leh..

[穿越在不同的时空- 无技无术。我潇洒自信的美丽将让你侧目]

I think credit goes to auntie… haha And I think he also almost fell when he tried to sit on the motorbike.. but luckily it all went all! Well done, charming boy!! Ur smile melt!! =D

(ok I know I need chinese tuition.. some words dunno how to write! GOSH!!)

For talent round, thought Hao Ying was entertaining.. I will feel he is a much better dancer than his bro.. He is more active (Hyper-active?) I think… ? At least, I was glad that Kelun seemed to return back.. but still a bit lacking.. could have done more WOW impact with the Elvis Presley performance..

Eh .. Jackson has posters liao! haha Good good!! And I am glad the performance went well for you despite ur injury..

Jackson and Desmond in their acting performance

Jackson & Desmond

For acting round, I felt the first SS Elimination acting show wass much more interesting.. in a way, the actresses would attract you to follow their acting.. Anyway, Desmond’s sissy role very 吃香, other roles seem to be not outstanding.. not sure if it is the acting or the script/roles issue.. or perhaps it is the last quarter final show- so everyone has already higher their expectation and was expecting more from the contestants..

Nevertheless… congrats to Jackson, Hao Ying and Desmond!!

Presenting the SS top 12

top 12

And they all compete together next tuesday at Semi Final. 2 will be eliminated.. (More)

Yes – an “A”

20 09 2007

Remember my post of my Print Media exam ?

I got my result today…


I scored an “A”

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace, mercy and leading.. =)

Awaiting for one more result for my Advertising .. hope for the best..

SS Judge hoohaa

20 09 2007

Over the weekend, read some posts in host Quan Yi Fong‘s blog abt SS ..


“对一个(女人)(女艺人)身为(人妻)(人母)(的女艺人)套这种话,实在是非常污辱人! 而(郭亮)呢?他的人格又在那裡 ? ”

Still quite clueless of what she wrote.. until this is featured…. (in chinese)

Haha… juskawaime also wrote something abt this judge before – the first time I watch the 1st SS elimination show.. coz it was like -____-”

And I was not alone too.. SS blogger also mentioned it.

The unusual judge?

Alex Man - the unusual judge

Extracted.. (from article, in grey)

Many viewers who have been watching Star Search 2007 believe Alex Man, former actor and now judge of the talent search, is unprofessional with his inane comments and for taking photographs of the contestants during the ‘live’ show. Host Quan Yifeng also wrote in her personal blog that an overseas man involved in the programme has been harassing her verbally and physically, leaving many to believe she is referring to Alex Man. A local Chinese daily also headlined his ‘un-professionalism’ in its papers last night.

As a result, the judge from Hong Kong was bombarded with questions from the media after the Star Search telecast last night but the man refused to comment, saying only ‘Thank you” and “Is that so?” through his wide smiles before disappearing into the lift.

So the Golden Horse Best Actor may get replaced due to reasons like:

  • Puay Keem: He (Alex) has mentioned to us that he has a heavy workload in China, so we are also in discussion about our collaboration.” – a nice way to say
  • Puay Keem: “It would be unfair to the new judge to call him/her a ‘back-up’. We are now in the Quarter-Finals and all along, the intention was to add a judge or two to the panel at this point to add more dimensions. So this is a new segment and it’ll be good to add in new elements. We can’t reveal yet who we are considering. – a smart way to change

The Quarter-Finals begins next Tuesday. The judging format will be changed to Singing & Dancing 30%; Eloquence 20% and Acting 50%.