Viewing SS Semifinal 1

27 09 2007

Yes .. it is out in youtube!

Just do a search on “250907 才华横溢出新秀 star search 07” if the above link does not work. Thanx to Keriiner again =)

SS Semi Final 1 Contestants – F1 Kola Zhou, F2 Celia Pan, F3 Jeneen Goh, M1 Andie Chen, M2 Jerry Yeo and M3 Chang Haoyi

Judging round & criteria:

Round 1
Singing, Dancing & Image (SDI) – Judging Criteria 30%

Round 2
Q & A – Judging Criteria 20%

Round 3
Drama – Judging Criteria 50%

Round 1 [(SDI 30%)]
Top 4 (in order): F2 Celia Pan, M1 Andie Chen, M2 Jerry Yeo, F3 Jeneen Goh, M3, F1

Round 2 [(SDI 30%)+(Q&A 20%)]
Top 4 (in order): M1 Andie Chen, M2 Jerry Yeo, F3 Jeneen Goh, F2 Celia Pan, M3, F1

Overall [(SDI 30%)+(Q&A 20%) + (Drama 50%)]
Top 4 (in order): M1 Andie Chen, F2 Celia Pan, M2 Jerry Yeo, F3 Jeneen Goh

This session has lots of 现/灵场表现, on top of those dance & drama preparation. Unlike the previous segment where all contestants have to just prepare and memorize hard the scripts during 1st round and acting round & also to prepare their 才艺表演. The difficulty level has go up.

2 drama plots this time.. perhaps it is for the better as there is no need to squeeze all 6 contestants’ roles into one scene ~ thus making plot story more exciting and contestants have higher chance of 发挥他们的潜力…

1st plot – F1, F2 and M2 with Zhou Chong Qing.

plot 1

2nd plot – M1, F3 and M3 with Quan Yi Fong.

plot 2

And the funny observation is the 2 that get eliminated out are one from 1st plot and one from 2nd plot where drama takes 50% of the judging criteria. So is it normal to assume the same kind of elimination phenomenon next week? But one thing to note is that F1 and M3 are already behind/lagging in ranks even in round 1 and round 2.

My guess is only half correct – I’ve guessed M3 correctly only.



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