Andry and his cubes

28 09 2007

My youngest bro – Andry – is very good with cubes..

Me + Andry

Recorded his on-the-action … he managed to solve his cube within 30sec.. GOod Arhh =)

Cici loves you lor!! 你永远是姐姐最宝贝的弟弟,爱你咯! *muack* love

Tiring + fulfilling

28 09 2007


Managed to prepare a present box, a foto album, 8R family fotos and magnolia oil for Liqin to bring to Australia for me..

Present – for mummy’s bd – a surprise for now.. but I’m very proud of the final product.. *smile*

Foto album is 300 4R fotos of my brother Yonk & Sarah wedding fotos .. Just developed them yesterday afternoon, got them during evening, and I was rushing to slot the fotos into the foto album last nite … (from 8.30pm to 11pm) .. big work leh! But enjoyable ones.. especially recalling the sweet memories after seeing those pretty fotos

Magnolia oil – for mummy. She has been coughing again.. bad lungs.. magnolia oil to be massaged on hands to strengthen her lung..

8R family fotos – got one free for each 100 digital fotos printed. So have ordered 2x 8R Family fotos for my mummy & daddy – our full family fotos (8 of us – daddy, mummy, me, 3 bros and 2 sis-in-laws)

One of the 8R Family fotos


Had all these prepared within 3 days.. and was still slotting the fotos into the foto album till last minutes..

Rushed to airport with my ‘barang barang’ at 11pm+, reaching airport at 11.50pm.. passed to Liqin the stuffs, and off she went to check-in at the custom… (her flight is at 1am+) and I catched the last train from airport (Yes at 12.06am, but to Pasir Ris station) – wanna save $$ on taxi fare (Ehh.. extra charges from airport leh.. I’m not so feeling rich to pay the taxi uncles.. =p Have just spent bomb on the fotos!)

Train stops at Tanah Merah and I tried to hop onto a bus… Luckily bus 24 was still operating .. WooHoo..

Tiring night.. but .. fulfilling night..

Hope mummy loves her present.. for now, it is hush hush