The MAN bomb

26 09 2007

Just when we thought all the SS-judge-Hoohaa is over..

The MAN dropped another bomb..


SS SemiFinal 1 – Results

26 09 2007

Bye bye to F1 Zhou Ying (Kola) and M3 Chang Hao Yi

The 2 foreigner contestants..

And with the older twin bro out, will the younger twin bro face a similar outcome nxt wk??

*most likely* though the two incidents are not supposed to be related..


25 09 2007

Just when some pple/friends are celebrating mooncake & lantern festival by carrying their lantern.. eating mooncakes.. juskawaime was stucked in class!

Oh well, it was not bad .. Class is getting better.. I need to get my butts to really start revising and writing my assignments.. very late .. due next next week..

Okie.. I didn’t get to celebrate this day, but I did have my fair share on eating mooncakes! Woohoo.. Will update the yummy mooncakes I had!


Bought these and enjoy with my cousin:

  • 1 mini rum & raisin  and 1 mini whisky from Bakerzin
  • 1 durian from Goodwoodpark hotel
  • 1 yam and 1 yam & pumpkin from Eater place

Total bleeding $38..  Enjoyment ~ priceless =)

Yes – a 2nd “A”

25 09 2007

Another good news to share…

I got my result for my Advertising exam today…


I scored an “A”

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace, mercy and leading.. =)

With A for my Print Media, that makes two As last semester!

Two As are sweet… And may these sweetness continue to spread this semester..

I am not very optimistic this semester, but I’ll work/study hard….

Thank you everyone for ur encouragement and well-wishes! *Muack* =D

SS SemiFinal 1

25 09 2007

SemiFinal 1


SS SemiFinal group 1

So which two will get eliminated?

SS Judge hoohaa 2

25 09 2007

The SS-judge-hoohaa has come to conclusion.


Read more here and here

Ok lets get back to life.. and focus our attention back to the SS contestants..

I am guilty~

24 09 2007

Guilty of being sick..

Sick coz of the weather.. but also coz juskawaime cannot resist GOOD food!

Geylang Serai is full of food with Hari Raya nearing..

Went there a couple of time.. and spent quite a bit.. well all food are like 3 for $1, 2 for $2.50, 4 for $1, 1 for $1 …etc so you can spend easily $5 – $10 there a night..

We deduced that everything must be eaten ‘hot’ then it is yummy…. except for some.. like the otah and the chicken wings..

Sharing the yummy food that we ate everytime we went there…. Hurry there while stocks last!! =)

Fish Otah of “Ikan Tangkang Sendiri” (4 for $1/-)

Fish Otah

Peanut (3 for $2/-) or Chocolate (1 for $1/-) crispy ‘pancake’ 

crispy pancake

Fira Fazira Chicken Wing (2 for $2.50) – Highly recommended!! Comes with sauce as well.. can ask for sauce to be packed seperately…

chicken wings

If you r looking at shopping, on top of eating, you can find lots of stuffs to buy there as well..

Like fanciful and pretty curtains..


Like colourful cushions..

cushions for sale

And those ‘chap pa lang’ stuffs …..

And many many more …

Hereby, juskawaime wishes everyone – Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Selamat Hari Raya

 More picture here.