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29 10 2007

Jackson will be acting in Drama Script 2 in the Final SS this coming Sunday.

音乐剧 2 – 幽忧竹林S3 陈侠中 饰 哥哥 越人

And the Most Popular Award voting scheme is now OPEN!! 

Pls call or sms to support for Jackson for the “Most Popular Award – 最具人气新秀奖”! Thank you!! =D

Pls call 1900-112-5003 to vote for S3 Jackson Tan 陈侠中 or

Pls sms “S3” to 71199 to vote for S3 Jackson Tan 陈侠中

Jackson Tan

投选开始 : 25/10/07 (星期四) 0000 hrs
投选结束 : 04/11/07 (星期日) 2100 hrs

exams are coming….

29 10 2007

Sorry for the less-frequent-update past 1 week.. and the coming 2 weeks as well…

No choice… exams are coming again.. and yes… as usual… lack/no preparation yet…

This time is worse than last semester *sigh*

I got to stop being addicted on facebook as well!! *roll eyes*

2 papers for Mass Comm this time round also.. luckily got 4 days to study in between for paper2, coz dun have time to study paper2 now.. Have to start preparation for paper1 liao… only 1 more week to exam… and i haven’t even started!! *GOSH* .. why must it always be like that…? I dunno…. dun ask me… *sigh*

I need miracle…  


Paper1 – 5th Nov 2007

Paper2 – 10th Nov 2007

Japanese Final semester Oral 11th Nov 2007

Japanese Final semester Exam/Vocab 12th Nov 2007

Japanese Final semester Listening 13th Nov 2007


God bless me with clear mind to study smart and memorise all I need to do well in exams. God bless me with a calm mind to undertake all these stress and exams. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Final SS

29 10 2007

More to come for the final SS competition.. and this time round – 3hrs show!!



S1杨伟烈 Jerry Yeo Wee Lie (新加坡)
S2潘虹熹 Celia Pan Hung Hsi (台湾)
S3陈侠中 Jackson Tan Sia Chong (新加坡)
S4陈邦鋆 Andie Chen Bang Jun (新加坡)
S5许雅慧 Koh Yah Hwee (新加坡)
S6陈泂江 Desmond Tan Chin Jiang (新加坡)

top 6



  • 香港著名艺人阿B钟镇涛、
  • 阿姐范文芳
  • 台湾知名导演钮承泽、
  • 新传媒集团副总裁(电视)章能容、
  • 以及现有常驻评判台湾艺人郎祖筠、
  • 香港导演张坚庭,
  • 以及华文戏剧制作部高级副总裁郭令送。

The 4 rounds:

第1回合:最佳电影造型 (15%)

有魔戒清秀脱俗的公主、睿智的Charlie、 魁梧武士、亲和帅气的泰王、气势凌人的皇后、帅气诙谐海盗。

第2回合:最佳特别才艺 (20%)


第3回合:最佳口才表现 (15%)







Lido – movie watch

24 10 2007

My God brother is in town.. so brought him to Rabbit and ate our dinner there…


Yummy …


And followed by a movie at Lido.. Not much selection.. was thinking of catching Mr. Woodcock.. a comedy… but alas.. my God bro preferred the “Resident Evil: Extinction”.. Yes, so we watched that in the end… *regret* …

I think my life is stressful enough without all these ‘ghosts’, ‘vampires’, brutal people scaring the hell out-of-my-life… Luckily my heart is strong enough.. though i was sitting lower and lower… and covering my face/eyes here and there… and of course, screaming when the scary scenes were up… *roll eyes*

*sigh* finally able to breath after the movie finishes.. I was glad that it is only 1.5hr movie.. and tapped myself on the back… saying “well done, I’ve survived a horror flick.. it is not that scary after all… ” hoohooo… =p

Followed by a meet up 刘谦益

Me + Mr Liu

Very young looking in person.. =)

He was there to watch a movie, but prob missed the timing..

So on the escalator down-wards, I went up to him and requested for a foto-taking..

ended up quite a few shot.. =p

I praised him of his acting and told him to continue to JIA YOU! =D

Also happened to take this poster of “BALLS of FURY”.. note anything?? *wink*

Balls of Fury

Jackson, go win SS Prizes

22 10 2007

Congratulation to JACKSON for performing well .. and emerged as top 4 in the Semi FInal 3..

Frankly speaking, I was all-time worried for him.. after all, this is a competition, live performances, and stiff competitors… It is really not easy.. and I am delighted for him to have gone so far … =D

And at the FInal, you will also have Fann Wong as one of the judges… WOW.. u can get to meet my lovely Fann! Envious.. If there is a chance, you know what to do .. tell her I LOVE HER!! hehe =p *wink*



With Jackson into Final… it means that he has a chance to win those fabalous prizes.. Big $$ leh.. Star Search is big business…..

Other than the top 3, there will also be the 3 special awards.. Jackson has high chance to win this Mr Personality Award.. $5ooo worth of jewellery leh… Does it mean we can have a share too?? Haha… Beside auntie, deep-sixed, da jie -> 3 ladies no need soo much jewellery right?? =p

With Jackson placed at no. 4 at the Semifinal 3, meaning you also have chance to get at least 第三名, which means $5000… Wooohooo.. Sounds not bad..

And if you 再接再厉,勇闯难关,成功出位,赢得评判信赖,所不定… $12000, $25000 就非你莫属。到时候,别忘了我们。。。这些auntie 姐姐 =p

deep-sixed is dying to be 星姐!! 哈哈。。

星妈也辛苦了,这些日子为儿子奔跑,担心,接送,练习华语。。 世上真的只有妈妈好! 当然爸爸也好! =D

1. Ms Telegenic Award
2. Mr Personality Award
3. Most Popular Award
While Ms Telegenic and Mr Personality subsidiary awards are decided by the judges, the Most Popular subsidiary award will be determined by public voting.


1st Prize : Trophy + $25,000 cash + $4,000 worth of products + 2 year contract
2 nd Prize : Trophy + $12,000 cash + $2,000 worth of products
3 rd Prize : Trophy + $5,000 cash + $1,000 worth of products
4 th – 6 th Prize : Each $1,000 cash + $1,000 worth of products
All winners for the subsidiary awards will each receive $5,000 worth of jewellery

So everyone.. lets call in to support Jackson for the Most Popular Award..


请打电话来持支陈侠中 Jackson

Viewing SS SemiFinal 3

21 10 2007

First time seeing the show in TV – live!!

S1 吴惠丽 Goh Hwee Li, Jeneen

S2 李美玲 Lee Mei Leng

S3 许雅慧 Koh Yah Hwee

S4 陈泂江 Tan Chin Jiang, Desmond

S5 陈邦鋆 Chen Bang Jun, Andie

S6 潘虹熹 Pan Hung Hsi, Celia

S7 杨伟烈 Yeo Wee Lie, Jerry

S8 陈侠中 Tan Sia Chong, Jackson

第一回合 叱咤歌坛、绚丽造型

Round 1 = 15% = S5, S8, S1, S3, S6, S4

I felt performances of Bangjun, Celia, Jackson are quite good..

Jackson - the electric charm

第二回合 旗缏飞跃、武舞生辉

Round1 + Round 2 = 35% = S5, S3, S4, S8, S1, S6

Felt this portion is a bit stupid and lame… makes them work so hard… but all these do not make up what a good star should be… and it is 20%!!! *sigh*

第三回合 见招拆招、创意应对

Round1 + Round 2 + Round 3 = 50% = S5, S3, S4, S8, S1, S2

I think this round is really really interesting and fun! Mark Lee is really ‘xing ku’ 辛苦, have to pose as different pple/characters and act together with the contestants and make them to say 2 sentences/words within 50sec.

第四回合 戏中有戏、演绎对决


客串艺人: 潘玲玲、曹国辉、李腾



客串艺人: 刘谦益




·S5 陈邦鋆

Final = 100% = S5 Bang Jun,S3 Yah Hwee, S7 Weilie, S8 Jackson Tan, S4 Desmond, S6 Celia

top 6

Well done, Jackson!! Congratulation…. u can enter the Final!! =D

Bye bye to Mei Leng and Jeneen.. I will miss Mei Leng…

Source: 1 & 2

SS SemiFinal 3 – Result

21 10 2007

A fight between these 8 pple … and only 6 will enter the final…


And the results are ….

S3 – S8 are into the final…

S5 陈邦鋆 Chen Bang Jun, Andie

S3 许雅慧 Koh Yah Hwee

S7 杨伟烈 Yeo Wee Lie, Jerry

S8 陈侠中 Tan Sia Chong, Jackson

S4 陈泂江 Tan Chin Jiang, Desmond

S6 潘虹熹 Pan Hung Hsi, Celia

Happy for you, Jackson… CONGRATULATION….


阮诗凯 Keely

21 10 2007

阮诗凯 Keely – 原来爱情这么伤 

Very nice … kind of miss her voice and smile.. thought her voice is kind of special..

Her 平常心

Anyway never know she is an item with Javin… I initially thought she already had a bf before she enter this CSS competition.. Oh well..  But I like Javin.. and they both look sweet together… Javin is from NYJC too.. *Yeah*


21 10 2007

Was reading blinkymummy‘s blog entry..

Finding some 感触 on certain topics..

She was saying ..

“The other day, X was lamenting how Y had such a smooth-sailing life, and that the former must have a really lousy destiny.At the same time, I have also witnessed many people comparing themselves with others, and in the process becoming bitter.”

And she shared more on ONE’S CONSTRAINTS & CONTEXTS where she thinks that everyone is limited by his/her own

  1. Energy
  2. Potential
  3. Time

The interesting part is when she introduce this “Partnership”.

“I believe in any human partnership (work, family, love, friends etc) lies the power of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.This is the true reason why people come together in work, in life… But again… many people have forgotten/are without understanding of this, and instead come together because the next group of monkeys are doing it.

And, all things equal, the only way to unleash this power is Trust. And while sometimes you and your partner may feel the electrifying energy between, and believe you see all sorts of cryptic messages of a blissful eternity, sustainable Trust, in reality, takes time and probably luck to build up.”

Ok what I am thinking abt these few days is not like the scenario of X & Y. More of like … why is there pple earning much more… why is there pple doing very well in work… why is there pple knowing what they really want to do in life…. why is there pple being happy… is being satisfied with what u have – then u will be happy… Is the thought of upgrading and progressing up – an expectation – will lead to disaappointment… Is “No expectation is called happiness” correct… isn’t that loser’s mindset… why pple can be happy just like that… is it really simple life is what pple are seeking… is family, marriage, love – the solution for problems… is…why… what… how… when… where….  …… endless qs ….

no answer… not really seeking for one now… but will continue exploring these qs..

SS SemiFinal 3

21 10 2007

Episode 9 – Semi Final ( 21 Oct 2007)

8 contestants remained in the competition at this stage.
4 female and 4 male contestants competed in this episode.
2 will be eliminated.
6 contestants moved on to Grand Final.


S1 吴惠丽,新加坡人,导师:陈汉玮
S2 李美玲,吉隆坡人,导师:黄文永
S3 许雅慧,新加坡人,导师:陈莉萍
S4 陈泂江,新加坡人,导师:陈汉玮
S5 陈邦鋆,新加坡人,导师:郑各评
S6 潘虹熹,台北人,导师:郑斌辉
S7 杨伟烈,新加坡人,导师:郑斌辉
S8 陈侠中,新加坡人,导师:黄文永



Jackson Tan Sia Chong – Jia yoU!!! =D

Healthy, Happy People

18 10 2007

Healthy, Happy People 

Line dancing promotes healthy mental health


Step, Hold, Side Step, Coaster Step, Forward Lock Step, Rocking Chair,  ½ pivot, Triple Full Turn R, Toe Strut R, Rock Back, Weave R, Side Rock, Touch, Heel Dig, Touch, Cross Rock …

These terms are not foreign to Mr. Ong Kee Lin who is very experienced in line-dancing. Mr. Ong, a line-dance instructor, has always love music and dancing since young, he picked up social dance in 1987 and switched to line dancing 9 years ago.

Mr. Ong is not the only exception here. Magdelene, a kindergarten teacher, also switches from social dance to line dancing in 1999. Why the switch? She shared that social dance needs partners, and with fewer guy partners, it was difficult to continue her favorite activity. One day, she came across a group of people who were dancing and her amazement is they were all dancing in a line! Line dancing solved her problem and she has been line-dancing these past 8 years.


line dance


“Line dancing is suitable for everyone, with or without partner, young, old, single, married with kids, married without kids. There are not many restrictions and we all can do line-dancing anywhere and anytime as long as there is music and space.” said the mother of two girls.


Line dancing is also a form of exercise and relaxation. Relaxation is good for the mind and the body. Life is not all about work and not having time to relax.


“Works is stressful sometime, so I took up line dancing to sweat it out and at the same, relieve some stress,” said Dolly, who is currently working in a trading company.


Dressed in comfortable attire, Dolly and with other sixty dancers could be found enjoying line-dancing in front of Singapore Post Office, next to Paya Lebar MRT Station every Friday night. Mr. Ong, who is the organizer for this event, shared that such line-dancing jams are organized to provide a venue for the students to practice their line-dancing steps outside classes. People who turned up at the jam are not entirely his students, but most turned up with their groups of friends or ‘kakis’. Some may even have a certain color code for their group.


This is also how line-dancing helps to create opportunity for bonding, keeping-in-touch, and meeting new friends of same interest. You can even try finding your life-partner here! A great example is Mr. Ong, who fell in love with his line-dancing student, Jane. Their love for line dancing has brought them together. They are now happily married and are still dancing together.


For Magdelene, line-dancing provides her more opportunity to interact and bond with her sister, Suzanne. Suzanne was introduced to line-dancing by Magdelene four years ago and there was no turning back. Now Suzanne, a housewife, checked up the new dance steps in the internet and shared her findings with her sister.


“My sister loves it! She said line dancing is her longest hobby so far! And look, she now knows the new dance steps, better than me!” Magdelene added with a smile. They now meet up weekly to attend the line dancing jam.


Though physical exercise is important, this year’s National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign also stresses the importance of mental health to our well-being. With mental well-being, one can have the capacity to enjoy life the fullest and deal with the normal stresses and challenges of life constructively.


So why not try Line dancing this time? After a fun and rejuvenating activity, you will feel refreshed and be ready to take on any challenges at work or at home.

Line dancing classes are charged normally for about $55 for 10-12 lessons. Go to your nearest Community Centre and sign up now for a healthy and happy you!

My assignments progress

18 10 2007

Have beeen busy these 2 weeks, piaying for my MassComm Assignment.. Glad I survived.. and that brings me to this sentence “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”

Yes I am stronger person now.. since I survived the whole ordeal.. and lets hope that I can survive the exam time.. *pray hard*

Completed 2 assignments and 1 ppt presentation these 2 weeks.. *sigh* now then can breathe normally, and heart no longer beating that fast! Yes, at one point, I am glad I have a strong heart!!

One of my assignment is writing a newsletter for the East community. Supposed to come up with 3 articles each person, and then with other 2 team members, to come up with a one double-sided tabloid newsletter.

So will prob share some of my articles here..