Sharks’ Fin

1 10 2007

I miss my mummy’s Sharks’ fin soup…

Sharks’ fin soup

This big pot was finished that very night… with abt 10-20pple in the house.. each one having 2-3 big bowls… YUMMY!!!

And the ingredients are good ..

I was sharing with mummy, daddy and others that this sharks’ fin didn’t come easy..  吃得不容易 (来得不容易).. 我是用我的钱和眼泪换来的。。。 The sharks’ fin was bought using my $$ and my tears. This S$500 sharks’ fin was bought in Singapore, took the airplane to Sydney, and was almost confiscated in the Sydney’s custom!! After much hoohaa, and crying (Yes, crying at the custom), I managed to get back my baobei…. And it was finished in 2 occassions! Once during CNY dinner and once in my dad’s bd…  Of course, I’ve eaten once only, since I was already back in sg…

But no way I can carry the same acts again next time.. ‘traumatised’ liao…




3 responses

1 10 2007
miss ene

Hey, do you know how sharks fins come about?

2 07 2008

even though it may be a chinese favourite/delicacy/whatever… it is truly wrong to purchase, consume or use sharks fin as an ingredient.

check out my blog to find out why –

as a race, we’re really letting each other down by keeping on with this practice. if you care about the environment (and yes, your health as well, because sharksfin is quite impure), then read the blog with an open mind.


4 07 2008

Hi jauipop, thanx for ur input..
Will take note.. =)

Hi miss ene, hopefully this is not the reason that you blocked ur blog =)
But still … whatever reason, it is your privacy and decision…

I missed reading your blog.. just to tell you I enjoyed reading ur blog in the past =) Wish you happy marriage! =)


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