SS Top 8

5 10 2007
S1 Goh Hwee Li Jeneen 吴惠丽 Singapore
S2 Koh Yah Hwee 许雅慧 Singapore
S3 Lee Mei Leng 李美玲 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
S4 Tan Chin Jiang Desmond 陈泂江 Singapore
S5 Chen Bangjun Andie 陈邦鋆 Singapore
S6 Pan Hung Hsi Celia 潘虹熹 Taipei, Taiwan
S7 Yeo Wee Lie Jerry 杨伟烈 Singapore
S8 Tan Sia Chong Jackson 陈侠中 Singapore

Star Search Top 8 Contestants
6 Singaporeans

1 Malaysian

1 Taiwanese

One of them will be your STAR! 2 more rounds to go..

Desmond + Jackson + Mei Leng + Yah Hwee + Celia + Jeneen + Andie + Jerry 

Top 8




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11 05 2009

SUPPORT YAH HWEE!!! (: (: (: (: (:

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