11 10 2007

Finally finished one of my assignments – EM on Digital Cinema..

2600 words .. lets hope teacher will not accusse me of plagurism =p

*twist fingers*

But still thanx to TH for helping me answer the qs on the cinema stuffs..

Anyway EM nightmare is not over yet, there is another presentation ppt (on Digital TV) to be prepared and presented next tues.. *sigh*

And I’m also working on the journalism assignment with 2 other girls as a group to prepare a page (2 sides) of tabloid community newsletter. Each of us to prepare 2-3 articles and consolidate them..  I finished only one … still got 2 to go and it is due on monday.. And the rest of the girls have not finished their articles.. like that how… how to consolidate and then print out in tabloid form.. *sigh*




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