Future Chef

11 10 2007

My cousin aspires to be a pastry chef.. and while in sg, she also cooked dinner, lunch and breakfast for me.. lucky me huh! 

Von + me in Bugis

my cousin + me

She prepared dinner and wait for me to come back from office and eat with her.

She prepared lunch box for me to bring to office.

She prepared breakfast for me to start my work day feeling great!

Yummy dinner!

typical food

She has applied to Shatec for a diploma in Pastry and Culinary. The class starts in Jan 2008. And hopefully everything goes well for her.

By then, prob will not really able to enjoy such food privillege as she will prob wanna stay near Bukit Batok.. Wahh Sooo Far.. otherwise, we all can stay together..

She can’t wait to go back to indo, and since she has done what she needs to do here, she changes her airtic to leave this sat instead. I think she wanna spend her 21st birthday in jkt with her sis and friends.. Well at least, not all alone in sg… as i also have class on monday night. Her execuse is also.. “well I will be in Sg for the next few years..”

Soon we will have more cousins in Sg

cousins in sg

Had dinner with her 奶奶 and 爷爷 before they flied off to M’sia and China

Von’s grandparents




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