Top 10

13 10 2007

Here are the nominees and their telepoll numbers:

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

1900-112-3001 Zhang Yao Dong
1900-112-3002 Huang Wen Yong
1900-112-3003 Chen Han Wei
1900-112-3004 Marcus Chin
1900-112-3005 Guo Liang
1900-112-3006 Dasmond Koh
1900-112-3007 Mark Lee
1900-112-3008 Henry Thia
1900-112-3009 Pierre Png
1900-112-3010 Bryan Wong
1900-112-3011 Gurmit Singh
1900-112-3012 Edmund Chen
1900-112-3013 Shaun Chen
1900-112-3014 Jeff Wang
1900-112-3015 Christopher Lee
1900-112-3016 Terence Cao
1900-112-3017 Adrian Pang
1900-112-3018 Tay Ping Hui
1900-112-3019 Qi Yu Wu
1900-112-3020 Elvin Ng

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes
1900-112-3021 Patricia Mok
1900-112-3022 Kym Ng
1900-112-3023 Hong Hui Fang
1900-112-3024 Xiang Yun
1900-112-3025 Dawn Yeoh
1900-112-3026 Vivian Lai
1900-112-3027 Jesseca Liu
1900-112-3028 Ivy Lee
1900-112-3029 Quan Yi Feng
1900-112-3030 Rui En
1900-112-3031 Felicia Chin
1900-112-3032 Jeanette Aw
1900-112-3033 Joanne Peh
1900-112-3034 Huang Bi Ren
1900-112-3035 Pan Ling Ling
1900-112-3036 Michelle Chong
1900-112-3037 Priscelia Chan
1900-112-3038 Michelle Chia
1900-112-3039 Yvonne Lim
1900-112-3040 Fiona Xie

Print out list on Star Awards official Star Awards 2007 website!

The telepoll lines for the Top 10 Most Popular Male/Female Artistes will be opened from 18 Oct, 8pm to 16 Dec 9pm. Vote to show your support for your fave male and female celebrities!

Voting mechanics:

To vote, please call 1900 – 112 – XXXX. The last 4 numbers will represent the lucky numbers of the artiste of your choice.

Terms & Conditions:
a) Each call costs $0.80
b) Each call is subject to 7% GST
c) Participants aged 18 years and below must seek parental consent

Star Awards line-up at a glanceTelecast on MediaCorp TV Channel 8:
Star Awards Prelude: Starting 18 Oct every Thu at 8pm
Star Awards – 25th Drama Anniversary Awards: Sun 2 Dec, 7pm ‘live’
Star Awards 2007: Sun 9 Dec, 7pm ‘live’

Telecast on MediaCorp TV Channel U:
Star Awards Post Show 2007: Sun 9 Dec, 10pm ‘live’




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