21 10 2007

Was reading blinkymummy‘s blog entry..

Finding some 感触 on certain topics..

She was saying ..

“The other day, X was lamenting how Y had such a smooth-sailing life, and that the former must have a really lousy destiny.At the same time, I have also witnessed many people comparing themselves with others, and in the process becoming bitter.”

And she shared more on ONE’S CONSTRAINTS & CONTEXTS where she thinks that everyone is limited by his/her own

  1. Energy
  2. Potential
  3. Time

The interesting part is when she introduce this “Partnership”.

“I believe in any human partnership (work, family, love, friends etc) lies the power of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.This is the true reason why people come together in work, in life… But again… many people have forgotten/are without understanding of this, and instead come together because the next group of monkeys are doing it.

And, all things equal, the only way to unleash this power is Trust. And while sometimes you and your partner may feel the electrifying energy between, and believe you see all sorts of cryptic messages of a blissful eternity, sustainable Trust, in reality, takes time and probably luck to build up.”

Ok what I am thinking abt these few days is not like the scenario of X & Y. More of like … why is there pple earning much more… why is there pple doing very well in work… why is there pple knowing what they really want to do in life…. why is there pple being happy… is being satisfied with what u have – then u will be happy… Is the thought of upgrading and progressing up – an expectation – will lead to disaappointment… Is “No expectation is called happiness” correct… isn’t that loser’s mindset… why pple can be happy just like that… is it really simple life is what pple are seeking… is family, marriage, love – the solution for problems… is…why… what… how… when… where….  …… endless qs ….

no answer… not really seeking for one now… but will continue exploring these qs..




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