Jackson, go win SS Prizes

22 10 2007

Congratulation to JACKSON for performing well .. and emerged as top 4 in the Semi FInal 3..

Frankly speaking, I was all-time worried for him.. after all, this is a competition, live performances, and stiff competitors… It is really not easy.. and I am delighted for him to have gone so far … =D

And at the FInal, you will also have Fann Wong as one of the judges… WOW.. u can get to meet my lovely Fann! Envious.. If there is a chance, you know what to do .. tell her I LOVE HER!! hehe =p *wink*



With Jackson into Final… it means that he has a chance to win those fabalous prizes.. Big $$ leh.. Star Search is big business…..

Other than the top 3, there will also be the 3 special awards.. Jackson has high chance to win this Mr Personality Award.. $5ooo worth of jewellery leh… Does it mean we can have a share too?? Haha… Beside auntie, deep-sixed, da jie -> 3 ladies no need soo much jewellery right?? =p

With Jackson placed at no. 4 at the Semifinal 3, meaning you also have chance to get at least 第三名, which means $5000… Wooohooo.. Sounds not bad..

And if you 再接再厉,勇闯难关,成功出位,赢得评判信赖,所不定… $12000, $25000 就非你莫属。到时候,别忘了我们。。。这些auntie 姐姐 =p

deep-sixed is dying to be 星姐!! 哈哈。。

星妈也辛苦了,这些日子为儿子奔跑,担心,接送,练习华语。。 世上真的只有妈妈好! 当然爸爸也好! =D

1. Ms Telegenic Award
2. Mr Personality Award
3. Most Popular Award
While Ms Telegenic and Mr Personality subsidiary awards are decided by the judges, the Most Popular subsidiary award will be determined by public voting.


1st Prize : Trophy + $25,000 cash + $4,000 worth of products + 2 year contract
2 nd Prize : Trophy + $12,000 cash + $2,000 worth of products
3 rd Prize : Trophy + $5,000 cash + $1,000 worth of products
4 th – 6 th Prize : Each $1,000 cash + $1,000 worth of products
All winners for the subsidiary awards will each receive $5,000 worth of jewellery

So everyone.. lets call in to support Jackson for the Most Popular Award..


请打电话来持支陈侠中 Jackson




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