exams are coming….

29 10 2007

Sorry for the less-frequent-update past 1 week.. and the coming 2 weeks as well…

No choice… exams are coming again.. and yes… as usual… lack/no preparation yet…

This time is worse than last semester *sigh*

I got to stop being addicted on facebook as well!! *roll eyes*

2 papers for Mass Comm this time round also.. luckily got 4 days to study in between for paper2, coz dun have time to study paper2 now.. Have to start preparation for paper1 liao… only 1 more week to exam… and i haven’t even started!! *GOSH* .. why must it always be like that…? I dunno…. dun ask me… *sigh*

I need miracle…  


Paper1 – 5th Nov 2007

Paper2 – 10th Nov 2007

Japanese Final semester Oral 11th Nov 2007

Japanese Final semester Exam/Vocab 12th Nov 2007

Japanese Final semester Listening 13th Nov 2007


God bless me with clear mind to study smart and memorise all I need to do well in exams. God bless me with a calm mind to undertake all these stress and exams. Thank you Lord Jesus.




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