Beginning of 3rd Semester

22 11 2007

New semester again..

This semester I have decided not to be so piaaa.. and take normal 2 modules, since of huge involvement in work from mid Dec to mid Feb.

So I am just taking Mass Media Research this semester.

My first lesson yesterday..

Not bad.. kind of like the lecturer and the scope..

This module is only offered like once in every 3 semesters – that explains the big group of class – almost 70 students! GOSH!!

We will be also be divided into groups of 4 pple to do presentation and group report.

Found my team members and hopefully we all can work well! =)

Oh.. bro and sis-in-law coming to Sg this Friday .. Hoohhooo… luckily my time can accommodate well this time.. so I can accompany them on Fri and Sat, and bring them around Sg =)

Looking forward =D


22 11 2007




只要是有纪念价值的 都很庆幸能经历、记录




20 11 2007

Yesterday is deep-sixed and something’s anniversary..

Jo and I be the big lightbulb and join in their celebration at KTV.. *yeah*

Managed to sing some songs of my fav … esp on Sun Yan Zi – ‘Di Yi Tian’, Chen Weilian’s, Fan WeiQi’s…etc



20 11 2007

溏心风暴 is a drama that achieved pretty high ratings in Hong Kong earlier this year.

Seen it and like it… =)

Jap teacher&classmates

19 11 2007

I promised some fotos of my pretty Jap teacher at here..

Here it is .. we took it after our listening test..

Me & Ide Sensei

Me IdeSensei

My Japanese studying partner – Jo

Jo & Me at JCS

My Japanese classmates with Ide Sensei

our Japanese class

Weekend activities

19 11 2007

Though didn’t manage to go to Guang Zhou.. it is still a very ‘happening’ weekend for me.. =)

Meet the girls for dinner at Ichiban Boshi at Suntec on Friday, followed by a mahjong session at my room.. Though I didn’t get to play… coz too many pple… haha =p

Dunno why 3 of them turned up wearign green tops… Is green the latest fashion colour? Or everyone is going green – save the environment now?? hehe =p

Jenn and Ann have new hairdoo too… haha =)

girls havin dessert

Ann me

I missed Mahjong.. didn’t really get to play that night.. only 1x before I get replaced.. ={

Eug was the biggest loser that night.. haha

mahjong time

And I also managed to go to JB with 2 ‘Jo’s and Nick on Sat…  *Yeah Yeah*

Bought some cuttlefish, comic books and ate… ‘xia por’ and Gong Gong… hahaa *I likeeee….*

Yummy Xia por

yummy xia por

Yummy Gong Gong

yummy gonggong

Sunday… I basically slept throughout the whole day… and at nite, managed to help Jo to create her facebook account… Haha..

*Yeah*   v(^_^)v


16 11 2007

Back to normal lifestyles…

It is good to have dinner with friends.. catching up… sharing each other news.. gossiping over others…. debating over topics like “health”, “what do we want in life?”, “Should we change job?”, “shall we travel to xxx together?”

It is good to have time to do relax and casual time… and even to have time to do boliao stuffs … haha other than… studying working studying working… sianz…

Need to enjoy it while it last..

Have dinner with sec girls lastnite..  enjoyed our conversation… appreciate such company… that we have come so far together…

Will be having dinner with  jc girls tonight.. Ichiban Boshi again.. only at a different location.. (I think I am starting to get sick of Ichiban… Jo will be delighted to hear that… haha =p). Followed by a mahjong at my place….  YUHUUU =D

*happy happy*