yes.. I finish one paper

5 11 2007

Yes.. i finished one exam paper (EM) today..

My most ‘trauma’  paper – as teacher is very demanding and strict.. and making me stressed all over..

paper is over, exam qs are not as difficult as I thought as..

But then a lot of topics are left out… making me study so hard for them…. Cheyy…

Oh well, it is over.. lets moves on.. and hope for the best..

I thought I will fail this paper.. let me see..

If can,hopefully can get at least a ‘B’ or ‘A’ (even better)… since my assignment is a B-…

Hopefully teacher will be more generous and lenient…  in his marking..

DOne abt 1 1/2 paper… I heard someone has used up 4 booklets!! Gosh.. that means 1 Qs = 1 booklet = 10 pages… what can she write huh??  *roll eyes*  It is this kind of people that spoiled market.. ={

Thank you Lord for the peace, wisdom and concentration that is bestowed to me. May I study hard again for the coming Saturday paper, Journalism.. Followed by Sunday, Japanese Oral test, Monday, Japanese vocab exams, and Tues – Japanese Listening and dictation tests.  Then there is a slight break before the JLPT4 paper on 2nd Dec..

Oh… in between, deep-sixed will be back! yeah!! =D




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