7 11 2007

Yes.. overwhelmed..

Suddenly my readership has risen to 86 in a day.

Normally it is just a few friends who will read here and there..

Total Views: 3,046

Best Day Ever: 96

Views today: 86

Must thanx to JustXimplyMe for introducing 50+ readers, attributing back to him. I think should be him.. *guessing* For now, shall assume jx as him, if I am wrong, let me know.. But of course, have to thanx Cruz for linking his page, and then he linking my page.. that is where the flow of readers..

Anyway have came across his blog from Cruz‘s entry. Andie Chen Bang Jun’s supporter, I guess he knew his bro – BangZhi. [Later I realized that there are altogether BangZhi, BangJie and BangJun]. They even play majong together.. Ok, i happened to read this entry.. I kepo… Yes.. I know … *blush*

And last night (ok .. early wee morning today), I was browsing his blog again and was reading his new entry abt last sunday’s SS, was reading this part …

“the final round, acting, all of us can see that he’s really putting in his best, under the many layers of clothes, he had to “fly” around the stage, engage in fights etc…until oh and i found someone who blogged about all the items and the results, you can take a look here” 

Of course, me being kepo, had to click on the “here”, i want to read other people’s article on SS.. What I never expect “eh.. how come this entry is so familiar? Alamak, it is my blog entry!!” At first, I even thought I accidentally open my own blog, thinking why the “here” link didn’t work.. blur me..

His entries are all very fun, entertaining..  He must have led a very interesting life, how nice! =) Actually we all can lead an interesting life too.. by making note of every little details surrounding us.. taking some pictures… and blog abt it..  *hmm I will do that!* … after my exams!!  *Yeah*

Ok I guess it is him due to one entry abt his birthday celebration – where his friends surprised him with a wakeboard session. He mentioned something like ..

“they were really thoughful, cos they even brought my underwear so that i have a fresh clean one to change into after the session!! they took it from my wardrobe when picking me up from my place!! without me noticing!!”  — extracted from his blog.

I think he also mentioned in his MCDonald birthday celebration – that there is a mini-angel on his mini cup-cake, he wrote “supposed to be my bride.. hahaha”

Anyway if you happened to be reading this, Happy 30th Birthday! *smile* =)



One response

7 11 2007


Thank you for th birthday wish .. and thank you for saving me the trouble to write out the details of all the individual rounds and result of star search..

You are right, i’m jx, i hope you enjoy the photos that i have on my blog.. i always think that photos say a million words..

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